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introducing mingle plus

Mingle 12.2 Release – Introducing Mingle Plus - New pricing, new features, new product choices

Mingle® celebrates five years as an industry leading Agile project management tool.

Thoughtworks Studios (www.thoughtworks-studios.com), a leading provider in Agile software solutions and training, announced the availability of Mingle 12.2 – the latest release extends Mingle capabilities for cross-project collaboration via Mingle Plus and makes Mingle more affordable for smaller teams. Mingle 12.2 celebrates the 5 year anniversary of the Mingle product. With this new release customer will be able to select between two editions: Mingle and Mingle Plus, each providing customer with exciting project management capabilities. Mingle Plus contains all of the features of Mingle and enables new capabilities for teams working toward shared goals within a program of work. Some of the highlights include:


  • Plan work towards objectives. Objectives represent high level business value that will be delivered as part of the program. They can contain work from multiple projects.
  • Forecasting based on projects
  • Creation of visual, interactive timelines to communicate plans across the organization
  • Alerts when projects may be delivered later than expected


Mingle Plus will be made available at $400 per user per year. In addition, the core edition of Mingle is now available at a reduced price of $240 per user per year. In both editions, we have made our Anonymous Access feature available at no extra cost, and as always, the first 5 Mingle users are free. Learn more about what is new in Mingle 12.2.