XConf is created by technologists who care deeply about the craft of software and its ability to make the world a better place. No fuss, just real tech talks.

XConf NA is a non-profit event that raised $8900 for The Nano Hacker Academy, a volunteer-run nonprofit which offers technology learning opportunities for kids in NYC.

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Keynote Talks

Don’t Get Comfortable: The Changing Role of Technologists

“There is always a better way. We try and fail and we try again. We are never complacent. It is an exhausting, maddening, exhilarating way to exist.”

A Pragmatic Guide for Migrating to Microservices

“You cannot realize the dream if it is locked in present functionality. You must deconstruct the monolith.”

Data & Security

Product & Platform

Architecture & Emerging Tech

Culture & Ops

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