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A ThoughtWorks Ventures Programme

Startup Success is ThoughtWorks' bespoke programme that provides the right foundation for startups to flourish. We'll help you build out your technology, provide office space or connect you with investors and enterprises, depending on your unique needs. 

The Race to Innovation

In 2016, we've seen significant growth in technology startups entering a crowded market. According to the Centre for Entrepreneurs, the total number of new startups launched in the UK alone, has grown by 50% between 2011 and 2016. Whilst the number of startups launching continues to accelerate each year, the survival rates are still low. In the tech sector alone, 92% of start-ups fail before hitting 3 years.

Maximising Startup Success

ThoughtWorks is experienced in helping both start-ups and enterprises accelerate innovation and bring new products to market fast. We’ve designed three engagement options to help you wherever you are on your journey:


Need to bring a prototype to life? We accelerate your time to market and help you build the right product in weeks, not months. We take care of anything technology, including rapid app development, scalable digital platform architectures, data strategy and implementation. 


Need a home? Let's be office buddies. We provide a creative working environment in a prime location, plus access to 5000+ technologists that can guide you throughout your journey. 


Startups are quick, but enterprises have customers and resources. We connect you with many of the world's biggest companies to gain access to customers and find financing opportunities.  

The Path to a Successful Exit

We partnered with Silent Herdsman to develop an IoT powered, neck-mounted cow monitoring system that helps producers accurately predict their milk production for each year. The collars contain a wireless sensor which transmits data about the cow’s health and the amount of milk they are producing back to the base station in the farm. The data helps farmers identify any sick cows as early as possible, in order to maximise the amount of milk being produced. In 2016, Silent Herdsman was acquired by Afimilk and is currently used by hundreds of dairy farms throughout Europe.

Intelligent Mobility Challenge:

Seeking startups to lead a transport revolution

Partner logos
Partner logos

ThoughtWorks is a proud sponsor of the Intelligent Mobility Accelerator, a partnership between Transport Systems Catapult and Wayra UK. It is designed to attract disruptive start-ups with high-growth potential into the UK transport supply chain, while helping them grow into world-leading companies. The programme will support two cohorts of six companies a year, based in Milton Keynes.

Ready to go Faster?
Ready to go Faster?

Ready to go Faster?

Whether you need to scale your prototype, rent an office space or connect to the enterprise and investor ecosystem, we’d love to hear from you.

Tell us about your area of interest below. You can choose more than one!

Tell us about your area of interest below. You can choose more than one!

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