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Tuesday, 27 April, 2021 - 7:30pm Singapore | | 6:30pm Bangkok | 5:00pm New Delhi | 7:30pm Beijing | (1 hour inc 15 min Q&A)

Kotlin Libraries for Fun and Profit

"I want to write a nice library in Kotlin, and use it from Java as well. What does that look like?" 

"And I'd like to step up my Kotlin code and style. How do I do that?" 

"Lastly, I'm an experienced Kotlin dev, and would like to see cool advanced techniques to try out. Do you have those?"

This talk walks you through building a new Kotlin library from scratch. The build keeps you on track with style and avoiding easy bugs.  

Kotlin Rational is a math library for the Rationals (factions), modeling the JDK's BigInteger and BigDecimal libraries. Everyone knows what a fraction is! The code and build will demonstrate idiomatic Kotlin, differences with writing business code, how to write reusable general code, and with Java interoperability as the cherry on top.


Brian Oxley

Brian Oxley

Head of Delivery Assurance,

Thoughtworks Southeast Asia

Brian has been a developer for 30 years! Originally from Houston, Texas, he is now based in Singapore and serves as the Head of Delivery Assurance for Thoughtworks in Southeast Asia. As a generalist, he has had worked with clients from a whole range of industries and sectors, including finance, food, grocery retail, and supply chains.

He has a BA in music (composition and piano), grew up on a farm, and plays bridge.

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