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In this era of information, engineers have access to a multitude of techniques, digital tools and technologies that revolutionise the way things are made. In this series we will take a deep dive on those things hitting you today, and mix in a little of what’s just around the corner. Keep on top of your game, join your peers at Thoughtworks Tech Talks.

Trunk Based Development (TBD) or Continuous Integration is one of the practices for software delivery. It means pushing directly to master, rather than creating feature branches or pull requests. To developers who are not familiar with TBD, this sounds very risky, even wrong.

In this talk, Shohre will explain how TBD is actually a practice for reducing risk and how combined with other practices it is more efficient and delivers higher quality software. You will hear about what TBD is, why, how and when you should use it and where you should start if you want to try out this practice.

Shohre Mansouri

Shohre Mansouri

Lead Consultant Developer, Thoughtworks

Shohre Mansouri has more than 20 years experience developing web-based business applications.

She is passionate about software quality and good practices as she finds it directly relates to people's happiness. She believes no one should suffer doing their job, as a developer or a user.

During her spare time, Shohre pursues animal rights activism.