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ThoughtWorks Live is an executive breakfast series that explores how thriving businesses are taking advantage of this new world by adopting real time strategic planning and enhancing their market agility, focusing on their customers and developing technological excellence at the core.

1 May 2018, London | EVENT FINISHED

3 October 2018, London


The 7 Key Future Principles of Digital Transformation

Gerd Leonhard

Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author, Strategist and CEO of the Futures Agency

Gerd walked us through the 7 most important things about the next 10 years in business, technology and culture and guided us with a discovery process to help us design our responses and create a preferred future.


Gerd is a searcher and gatherer of futuristic human values. He brings a humanist approach of philosophical questioning to today’s burning issues that impact real life. He plays mentor to a host of enterprises who are trying to drive change and become responsive organisations.

Making real transformation happen: How Shop Direct drives continuous innovation

Jon Rudoe

Technology and Data Director, Shop Direct

Jon discussed how Shop Direct has aligned with the dynamic expectations of today's digitally savvy consumers and shared ideas on how to get digital on the inside to foster a customer-centric work culture.


Jon is combining Shop Direct's retail, IT and data teams in a new structure reflecting focus on a personalised customer experience, whilst also leading marketing and trading. He joined Shop Direct from Sainsbury’s where as digital and technology director he led technology, digital and marketing innovation. He has also worked for Ocado, Bain and Co. and was a venture capitalist early in his career.

Enabling sustainable transformation

Gary O'Brien

Global Advisory Lead, ThoughtWorks

Gary discussed why creating continuous relevance with the markets is becoming business-critical. He shared how companies can perpetually tune their strategy, structure and operations to perform effectively in a changing business environment. He also talked about the hurdles that must be overcome in order to become responsive and value-driven.

Gary is Global Advisory Lead at ThoughtWorks and works with large enterprises to drive change to the culture, planning, governance, and structure to better align with customers’ needs. He has over 20 years of experience in helping teams to build humanistic organisations more capable of responding to the increasing pace of change. 

Becoming a responsive organisation

Ruth Harrison

Managing Director, ThoughtWorks UK

Ruth discussed about the inevitable need for companies to transform digitally, the challenges companies face during the transformation journey and how they can be overcome. She also discussed about the key tenets for building a responsive organisation.

As the Managing Director for ThoughtWorks UK, Ruth focuses on business development and is a leader in evolving technology and business landscape. She is a specialist in business transformation using the principles of adaptive organisational design to gain value creation for clients. She brings this insight to her work as a business adviser and consultant, working with world’s leading organisations.

the data guided business
the data guided business

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3 October 2018 | London

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