#TalkTechToHer How many Indian women-techie-rolemodels can you name?
#TalkTechToHer How many Indian women-techie-rolemodels can you name?


How many Indian women-techie-rolemodels can you name?

Your answer is, ‘not enough.’ Which is exactly what we want to change.

We are making the workplace amazing for women - by being both, supportive and the right kind of challenging. We’re proud of where we have reached so far. Our CTO is a woman. All 6 of our ThoughtWorks India offices have women Office Technical Principals.

We successfully hosted the 4th edition of our Vapasi Program, aimed at bringing women developers back to work from their career breaks, in our Bangalore office in October 2018.

We welcome you to accompany us on this journey. Hear the stories of our women techies. Join our passionate tech community. Do what you love, flourish and inspire more women like yourself!

Woman, ThoughtWorker and Proud!

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Episode 1. IoT - Edge Computing

Hear Arti Pande, Lead Technical Consultant at ThoughtWorks, talk about Edge Computing in IoT systems and how it can be used to address some of the challenges that traditional cloud systems pose.

Episode 2. Application Security - An Easy Start

Join Harinee Muralinath, Practice Lead - Security at ThoughtWorks, for a Facebook Live session, where she will introduce you to an approach that starts with a basic continuous feedback cycle for application security.

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