Remote leadership strategies
to amplify collaboration


Remote leadership strategies to amplify collaboration

In this webinar, Kathy Gettelfinger, Dr. Rebecca Parsons, and Kiran Rouzie give actionable guidance on how to effectively lead remote teams by creating shared understanding, constructive collaboration and driving to decisions.


Martin Fowler

Kathy Gettelfinger

Digital Transformation Executive Partner, ThoughtWorks

From 20+ years working in the world of IT and software development Kathy has deep experience in what it takes to bring strategy to execution in globally distributed environments. Kathy has helped bring products from idea to reality for startups and enterprise organizations alike. She has been working with clients to bridge the technology, product and people gaps across industries - Tech, Retail, Travel and Manufacturing. Kathy specializes in bringing clarity, focus and alignment to the people who execute strategy. And helping leaders connect with their people in ways that focus on getting things done.

Dr. Rebecca Parsons

Chief Technology Officer,


For decades, Rebecca has used her knowledge and technical experience in applications development across a range of industries and systems. She has led the creation of large-scale distributed object applications and the integration of disparate systems. Separate from her passion for deep technology, Rebecca is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the technology industry. Committed to increasing the number of women in coding and STEM fields, she has served on the board of CodeChix, acted as an advisor to Women Who Code, was chairwomen on the Agile Alliance Board of Directors, and recently joined the Board of Trustees for Rebecca has co-authored Domain-Specific Languages, The ThoughtWorks Anthology, and Building Evolutionary Architectures. In 2018 she received the prestigious Technical Leadership Abie Award presented by, which celebrates a woman who developed a product, process or innovation that made a notable impact on business or society.

Kiran Rouzie

Head of Technology Strategy, North America, ThoughtWorks

Kiran is the World’s #1 Expert on The Evolved Team as featured in Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Forbes and Success. Kiran has a proven track record of helping companies transition to distributed work and developing high performing organizations that grow profit and revenue. Her work as a CTO and transformational digital leader has helped executives solve the most critical and strategic challenges facing companies today. As a certified coach, strategy advisor and certified change management expert she has delivered undeniable results — transforming leaders, teams and organizations for clients such as: Apple, Google, USC, Target, Ritz-Carlton, Zappos, Amazon and others. Kiran is the author of the upcoming book and podcast: Unlock Your Team’s Genius! Create Sustained Engagement, Extraordinary Performance and Profitability.

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