Sumeet Moghe

Product manager
Sumeet Moghe, has worked at ThoughtWorks in a variety of roles. He started off leading ThoughtWorks' global induction programs - ThoughtWorks University and ThoughtWorks Immersion. Over time, he's led up internal Learning and Development, Knowledge Management, Internal Communications and Research and has helped build several great products.

Sumeet is also a passionate environmentalist, conservationist and photographer. An early entrant on the blogging scene, he writes his work blog at and his photography blog on Get him started on the topic of natural history, politics, environment or photography and you'll probably chat till the cows come home!

The Interview

With ThoughtWorks, I've visited

China, Australia, Norway, England, South Africa, Uganda, Australia, United States, Ukraine, Belgium

My geeky passion is

photography. After all this is one way that geeks can indulge in technology and still pretend to know something about art!

The thing I'm most proud of from my time here is

being a colleague of Aaron Swartz. I can't imagine another company that'd be a home to revolutionaries like him. In fact, ThoughtWorks continues to be a home for some of the most revolutionary thinkers and doers inside and outside of technology and it convinces me that we're truly a firm that walks the talk of advocating for social and economic justice.