Joel Parker Henderson

Technical Principal

I help organizations create software. I lead clients and teams to improve technology, architecture, collaboration, planning, and outcomes.

Find me: LinkedInTwitterGitHubAngelListHacker NewsStack Overflow.

I create technology code demos including: Elixir & PhoenixSwiftRealm, AlamofireJSON APIJava Spring BootLiquibaseAWS Lambda.

I combine technology and business by using: objectives and key results, key performance indicatorsstrategic balanced scorecardsmaturity modelsvalue stream mappingsground rulesstatements of work, milestonesarchitecture decision recordssystem quality attributesoblique strategies.

I create open source: GitAlias, UpdateCommand, NumCommand, ZidPlanBrewfile

I crowdfund many projects: Kickstarter, IndiegogoPatreon.

My experience includes working with many startups, enterprises, and nonprofit groups. I see great opportunities for machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, neural networks, and blockchain.

I donate to open source foundations: Apache Software Foundation (ASF)Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)Free Software Foundation (FSF)Linux FoundationOpen Source Initiative (OSI)Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC).

I donate to nonprofits: American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)Amnesty InternationalBenetech for Global LiteracyCenter for Environmental Health (CEH)Doctors Without BordersHuman Rights Watch (HRW).

The Interview

The thing I love most about my work is

The people! I'm working with excellent customers, developers, designers, partners, and teammates. I'm learning so much by working with everyone.

The most interesting thing I've learned on the job is

How to improve by helping people focus, grow, and learn.