Itamar Hassin


For over twenty five years, Itamar has been balancing the art and science of software development while enjoying all aspects: from analysis, development and testing to management. At ThoughtWorks, he has had the great privilege of working with amazingly talented and dedicated people advancing software engineering practices and social issues (and happy not being the smartest person in the room).

The Interview

I came to find ThoughtWorks by

its presence in the technological community, published works and world-renowned speakers.

My geeky passion is

all forms of "DD" - TDD, BDD, MDD... and anything else that allows me to write concise and focused code. In addition, I love embedded programming projects.

The best advice I can give a current or future ThoughtWorker is

not to be judgemental - learn the problem walking in our clients' shoes.

The thing I love most about my work is

being able to work with our clients in their own environments, embedded with their teams and living their reality as we strive to solve their problems.

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