Isa Goksu

Director of Technology - Financial Services

Isa leads the European Financial Services business at ThoughtWorks. He has deep expertise in technology and is passionate about machine learning and distributed systems.

He’s a passionate technologist and hacker that has been in the industry over 15 years. Recently he has contributed to mission- critical projects in nance, retail, telecommunications and travel. He has developed AI-based market-making algorithms and helped build the core trading engine of the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

The Interview

My geeky passion is

experimenting different analytical techniques to analyze large texts to find a solution to consolidate our know-how in different domains.

The thing I love most about my work is

Being part of the innovation we bring to the software industry.

The best advice I can give a current or future ThoughtWorker is

Be the best at your job and learn to delegate tasks instead of putting them into todos.