Hao Hu

Hao Hu(胡皓)

Lead Technical Advisor

After five years of service in the Chinese People's Liberation Army, Hao entered the IT industry in 2008, has worked in Erdos Group, POWER CHINA, Shinetech Software. He has extensive experience in business analysis, software development, and project management.

Since joining ThoughtWorks in 2014, he has served as a full-stack software engineer, trainer, and advisor. Hao specializes in Full-stack Software Development, End-to-end Delivery, OO Design, TDD, CI/CD, DDD, Clean Architecture, Microservices, DevOps, Scrum, Kanban, and other technologies and methodologies.

Hao explored and built the ThoughtWorks China's talent training system and co-founded the enterprise university in China – “ThoughtWorks School.” As a professional trainer and advisor, he is currently working to help ThoughtWorks customers realize the digital transformation of their businesses.