David Rice

Managing Director - ThoughtWorks Studios

David runs the Studios division of ThoughtWorks. ThoughtWorks Studios has brought many ground breaking products to the market, including Mingle, Go CD, Twist, and Snap. Studios also conducts continuous R&D in the search for products that will not only help us work better but also force us to think differently.

David has been with ThoughtWorks since 1996, leading teams in the development of software of all shapes and sizes. He co-founded the Studios division of ThoughtWorks in 2006. David has an A.B. degree in the Classics from Brown University.

The Interview

The best advice I can give a current or future ThoughtWorker is

What we lack in structured career paths we make up for by giving you the space to run with your passions. When you truly care about a cause, idea, product, whatever, ThoughtWorks gives you the space and support to do something meaningful.