ParadigmShift 2017
ParadigmShift 2017
Ray Kurzweil

“Why do we have a brain? It is to predict the future so we can anticipate the consequences of our actions and consequences of inaction.”

— Ray Kurzweil, inventor, futurist, author

So began ParadigmShift 2017, where thought leaders and Courageous Executives from around the globe gathered in L.A. to explore the question, “What do you do when anything is possible?” Together, we took a journey into the exciting, uncharted realm of possibility in order to start envisioning and building the future we want, today.

Featured Talks from ParadigmShift 2017

Rachel Laycock

Head of Technology, ThoughtWorks North America

Shawn Mandel

Vice President, TELUS Digital

Amit Kaul

Head of Emerging Technology, ThoughtWorks

Tim Grant

Founder and CEO, DrumG Financial Technologies

Rajeev Rai

Chief Technology Officer, Neiman Marcus Group

Miranda Hill

Director of Commerce and Innovation Strategy, ThoughtWorks

Hu Kai

Managing Director, China, ThoughtWorks

The Future of Work

Ange Ferguson

Managing Director, Asia Pacific, ThoughtWorks

Sarah Willett

People Director, Shop Direct

Ruth Harrison

Managing Director, UK, ThoughtWorks

Melanie Redman

Senior Design Researcher, Steelcase Workspace Futures Group 

Chad Wathington

Chief Capability Officer, ThoughtWorks

Nicole Naviglia

Director, ThoughtWorks

The Future of Food

Dan McMahon

Head of Retail, Asia Pacific, ThoughtWorks

Célia Pronto

Chief Digital Officer, Casual Dining Group

Archie Mason

Head of Business Development, John Lewis Partnership

Mark Collin

Group Director, ThoughtWorks Ventures

Archie Mason

Head of Business Development, John Lewis Partnership

Coming Up: ParadigmShift 2018

Attendance at ParadigmShift is by invitation only. 

ParadigmShift 2018 will be held on October 21-23 in Toronto. If you’re interested in hearing more, please complete the form below.