Senior Infrastructure Consultant (DevOps)

Senior Infrastructure Consultant (DevOps)2021-10-13T07:13:10-04:00<p><em>Want to build the solid foundations that organizations need to achieve technical excellence?</em></p> <p>Thoughtworks is a global software consultancy with an aim to create a positive impact on the world through technology. Our community of technologists thinks disruptively to deliver pragmatic solutions for our clients' most complex challenges. We are curious minds who come together as collaborative and inclusive teams to push boundaries, free to be ourselves and make our mark in tech.</p> <p>Our developers have been contributing code to major organizations and open source projects for over 25 years. They’ve also been writing books, speaking at conferences and helping push software development forward, changing companies and even industries along the way. We passionately believe that software quality is driven by open communication, review and collaboration. That’s why we’re such vehement supporters of open source and have made significant contributions to open source tools for testing, continuous delivery (GoCD), continuous integration (CruiseControl), machine learning and healthcare.&nbsp;</p> <p>As consultants, we <a href="">work with our clients</a> to ensure we’re evolving their technology and empowering adaptive mindsets to meet their business goals. You could influence the digital strategy of a retail giant, build a bold new mobile application for a bank or redesign platforms using event sourcing and intelligent data pipelines. You will learn to use the latest Lean and Agile thinking, create pragmatic solutions to solve mission-critical problems and challenge yourself every day.&nbsp;</p> <p>Infrastructure Developers take a multifaceted approach to helping clients achieve technical excellence by approaching challenges from both a technical and operational perspective. As consummate ‘bringers of knowledge,’ they take extra care to ensure their team and client understand operational requirements and take a shared responsibility for designing and implementing infrastructure that delivers and runs software services. They also help customers adopt DevOps approaches, breaking away from rigid, more traditional ways of working and pivoting to a more customer-focused and agile approach.</p> <p><strong>You’ll spend time on the following:</strong></p> <ul> <li>You will launch projects through hands-on implementation, evaluate and drive improvements to existing infrastructure;</li> <li>You will listen to a client’s needs and formulate a technical roadmap and impactful solution that will support their ambitious business goals;</li> <li>Help shape and build Thoughtworks’ cloud and infrastructure practice through collaboration with business development, marketing, and capabilities development teams;</li> <li>Ensure and build the controls and processes for continuous delivery of applications, considering all stages of the process and its automations;</li> <li>Monitor and ensure that technical expectations of deliverables are consistently met on projects;</li> <li>Act as a thought leader—at client sites and at Thoughtworks—on DevOps, cloud, and infrastructure engineering;</li> <li>Adjust and suggest innovative solutions to current constraints and business policies;</li> <li>Develop your career outside of the confinements of a traditional career path by focusing on what you’re passionate about rather than a predetermined one-size-fits-all plan.</li> </ul> <p><strong>Here’s what we’re looking for:</strong></p> <ul> <li>You genuinely enjoy interacting with teammates from across the business and have a knack for communicating technical concepts to nontechnical audiences</li> <li>You love creating robust, scalable, flexible and relevant solutions that help transform businesses and industrie</li> <li>You’re comfortable partnering directly with infrastructure technicians, support and network analysts, security analysts, system administrators and/or IT managers to design technical strategies while simultaneously collaborating with senior IT groups in an advisory capacity</li> <li>You can design and architect enterprise and/or web-scale hosting platforms and can seamlessly administer application servers, web servers, and databases</li> <li>You have a deep understanding of cloud and virtualization platforms, infrastructure automation, and application hosting technologies</li> <li>You understand DevOps philosophy, Agile methods, Infrastructure as Code to your work and lead infrastructure and operations with these approaches</li> <li>You have a history working with server virtualisation,&nbsp; IaaS and PaaS cloud,&nbsp; Infrastructure provisioning, and configuration management tools&nbsp;</li> <li>You can write scripts using at least one scripting language and are comfortable with building Linux and/or Windows servers systems</li> <li>Experience with continuous integration tools with different tech stacks, web or mobile</li> <li>You’ve previously worked with monitoring systems for stress and performance testing with Observability Pattern: Distributed Tracing/ OpenTracing, Log Aggregation, Audit Logging, Exception Tracking, Health Check API, Application MetricS, Self-Healing/Multi-Cloud</li> <li>Bonus points if you have experience with unit testing and automated testing tools</li> </ul> <p><em>Thoughtworks has a full time remote policy, which states that any Thoughtworker will be able to work from home indefinitely anywhere in Spain. Due to COVID-19 our offices are partially open to provide support to employees who require more space and facilities than they have at home. </em><em>Once this situation improves and following government's recommendations, our offices will be fully opened for anyone who might be interested in working from the offices.</em></p> <p><em>Please don't hesitate to speak with your recruiter about any requirements or concerns you may have.</em></p> <p style="color: white;">#LI-SPAIN</p>ThoughtworksMadridSpain