Senior Project Manager项目经理(港澳业务线)

Senior Project Manager项目经理(港澳业务线)2021-09-01T02:48:37-04:00<p>You will be responsible for:<br>* According to the requirements of the project, lead the industry and user research, mining business opportunities and user needs;<br>* Establish commercial and business models in different industries;<br>* Build products from zero to one, and participate the development;<br>* Lead the product growth and iterations after going live;<br>* Promote the communication and cooperation with customers, and deliver customer value;<br><br>We hope you will:<br>* Have product ideals and ownership;<br>* At least 4 years of experience in large-scale Internet products, at least 1 complete product R &amp; D life cycle (or key large version release cycle), in-depth understanding of iteration, agile development and other common product development processes, and 0-1 and 1-100 processes of different types of products are preferred;<br>* Master the design framework of various product forms, and be able to provide the best product solutions according to customer requirements;<br>* Master product operation skills in various fields, have C-end product operation experience;<br>* Strong learning ability, able to quickly learn knowledge of different industries and fields, have your own thinking and summary of product methodology;<br>* Sensitive to industry status and changes, independent understanding and judgment - excellent communication and cooperation ability, resource integration and system analysis ability<br>* Have business sense, be able to use business logic to solve problems;<br>* Excellent guidance ability and persuasive oral and written expression;<br>* Customer and team management ability is also be needed.</p>ThoughtworksShenzhenChina