ServiceNow Certified Developer (Contractual)

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ServiceNow Certified Developer (Contractual)2020-02-21T07:56:38-05:00<div> <p> </p> <p>ThoughtWorks is a Private Equity backed global technology consultancy that builds custom software applications for a diverse range of clients from media through banking to NGOs. With offices in thirteen countries and 42 cities (at last count!) we’re passionate global citizens, aiming to have a huge impact on the world.</p> <p><strong>Why is this role exciting? </strong>We are looking for a contractor who knows the best practices for configuring and customizing ServiceNow so that we avoid problematic customizations and really make ServiceNow sing for our internal users the way it should! And as a software development consultancy, we are looking for someone who can help us follow our own best practices for software delivery, including version control, automated testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. We have big plans for ServiceNow as a key ingredient in our operational scaling strategy, carbon-reduction goals and data analytics. With your help, we believe we will have a great story to tell.</p> <p> <strong>Why are we emphasizing “best practices”?</strong> We believe that the value and flexibility we get from ServiceNow, and the speed of our ServiceNow delivery, will greatly improve by having expert guidance on best practices. We want the platform to work for us not against us.</p> <p> <strong>What ServiceNow products do we have?</strong> IT Service Management and also Security Operations. In ITSM, we have been focused mostly on Asset Management, but there is so much power we’ve not unlocked yet, especially around the service portal, workflows, service desk, and the user experience. Security Operations is new for us and we are still charting the course.</p> <p> <strong>Who would I be working with?</strong> You would be working as part of a complete delivery team in the Coimbatore office, including software developers, a business analyst, a quality assurance tester, and a designer. You would be working in a vibrant office with a strong culture of knowledge cultivation and after-hours events.</p> <p> <strong>Responsibilities</strong></p> <p>You would:</p> <ul> <li>Guide us actively in how best to use ServiceNow’s Now platform.</li> <li>Review the work we’ve deployed so far and help us retroactively fix and clean up configurations and customizations that are problematic.</li> <li>Empower our users to make the most of ServiceNow, such as becoming skilled at views and reports.</li> <li>Help us expand our use of the Automated Testing Framework.</li> <li>Help us improve how we do version control in the Now platform.</li> <li>Help us improve our continuous integration and continuous delivery with our four environments (three being non-production).</li> <li>Assist with data imports, especially when API-based imports are not feasible.</li> <li>Lead our ServiceNow upgrade efforts, helping to keep us current.</li> <li>Communicate with colleagues, users and stakeholders across the globe from the many ThoughtWorks offices.</li> </ul> <p> <strong>Skills, Capability and Experience </strong></p> <p>The ideal candidate would:</p> <ul> <li>Have 4+Years of Experience and Truly understand ServiceNow best practices for configuration, development, and administration.</li> <li>Have taken the official ServiceNow training courses, especially the fundamentals.</li> <li>Have ServiceNow certifications, such as Development and/or Administration.</li> <li>Have proven experience working on ServiceNow implementations.</li> <li>Have proven experience doing system administration on live environments.</li> <li>Have used the Architecture Compliance feature and can explain how to be architecture compliant.</li> <li>Articulate what poor ServiceNow practices you’ve witnessed and learned from.</li> <li>Have deep knowledge of ServiceNow’s automation tools such as workflows and business rules.</li> <li>Have experience with the Now platforms extensibility, including its APIs and JavaScript scripting.</li> <li>Understand the database architecture of ServiceNow, including how best to use the CMDB.</li> <li>Be highly skilled in reporting and using related tables and complex criteria and scripting.</li> <li>Truly understand the upgrade steps.</li> <li>Understand how each customization would affect an upgrade.</li> <li>Know how to structure security groups, in conjunction with roles, for flexible and scalable security administration.</li> <li>Explain the common mistakes that people make when configuring and customizing ServiceNow.</li> <li>Be open to new ideas, especially how to align ServiceNow best practices with our software delivery best practices.</li> <li>Be an excellent teacher.</li> <li>Work extremely well on a team.</li> <li>Work well pairing with others.</li> <li>Work hard and have a great team spirit, not feeling “above” any work.</li> <li>Have good communication skills to work with teams across the globe. </li> </ul> </div> <div> </div> <p style="color: white;">#LI-INDIA</p> <p style="text-align: left;"> </p>ThoughtworksCoimbatoreIndia