Lead Business Analyst

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Lead Business Analyst2019-11-29T06:09:45-05:00<p><strong>What we are all about:</strong></p> <p>As a Lead Business Analyst in a software delivery role, we get to inspire key stakeholders, guide teams and work closely with client Product Owners and SMEs to prioritize and groom our backlogs. We facilitate engaging and productive workshops that bring everyone on the journey, we run inceptions, take requirements, suggest improvements, collaborate, build relationships and we Get Things Done! We are often the glue in our teams, whether they be full of ThoughtWorkers, or hybrid teams containing both ThoughtWorkers and client folk. We work in cross-functional teams and often pair with user experience designers, project managers and iteration managers as well as our awesome developers and testers. We don't do bureaucracy or hierarchy - we encourage our consultants to experiment, be creative and draw from ThoughtWorks collective knowledge to find innovative solutions.</p> <p>But there’s more. We also find ourselves working with much less tangible things than software delivery - like helping our clients develop empathy for their customers, helping them to solve their supply-demand problems through visual management systems, getting our hands dirty with organizational transformation, and change management, building teams from the ground up, and coaching almost anyone from execs through to HR or finance teams, bringing a can-do attitude and great people skills.</p> <p>  </p> <p><strong>What you are all about:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Are you a curious problem-solver with an insatiable passion for learning?</li> <li>Do you relish working with ambiguity and driving through to clarity and agreement?</li> <li>Is working in a fully cross-functional team something that floats your boat?</li> <li>Do you feel that agile is the best thing that ever happened to the software development industry?</li> <li>Do you have lots of experience (7+ years) in gathering functional and non functional requirements, writing user stories, mapping out processes and creating wireframes using a variety of tools?</li> <li>Do you have strong skills in facilitating workshops with stakeholders of different levels of seniority or backgrounds?</li> <li>Do you have a background in product management or user experience?</li> </ul> <p>If you can say a resounding ‘yes!’ to at least some of the above questions, we should talk! Get in touch today and start making a difference in the world!</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Why ThoughtWorks?</strong></p> <p>You work on some pretty cool projects, building complex, enterprise-transforming business applications. You work alongside some of the most talented people on the planet. You are part of diverse, high energy teams focused on full life-cycle development. And you continually learn, mentor and grow.</p> <p>We work almost exclusively on customer site providing a mix of delivery and consulting services locally within Singapore, with minimal international travel. We do our best to make life here as easy as possible and to take people's personal situations into account. We promote diversity in all its forms and reject discrimination and inequality. We passionately and actively strive to make both ThoughtWorks and our industry more reflective and inclusive of the society that we serve.</p> <p>All ThoughtWorkers receive an annual professional development allowance to attend conferences, courses, workshops and to purchase books. Our large network of mentors and coaches provide a supportive environment to connect with the ThoughtWorks' community, as well as the opportunity to develop professionally and personally. </p> <p class="p2">If you are interested in finding out more, click apply - our recruiters will be in touch.</p> <div> <p> </p> <p><strong>Not quite ready to apply? Or maybe this isn’t the right role for you?</strong></p> </div> <div> <p>That’s OK, you can stay in touch with <a href=";utm_medium=jd&amp;utm_campaign=access-thoughtworks" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl=";q=;source=gmail&amp;ust=1527062844618000&amp;usg=AFQjCNH-d9OFRKlnhqNNjMM8fC6D2Uax4w">AccessThoughtWorks</a>, our learning community (tick '<em>contact me about recruitment opportunities</em>' to hear about jobs in the future).</p> </div> <p style="color: white;">#LI-SINGAPORE</p>ThoughtworksBangkokThailand