Lead Consultant/Developer

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Lead Consultant/Developer2019-04-15T15:14:28-04:00<p> </p> <p><strong><u>Job Details</u></strong>:</p> <p>Leading large-scale, custom-designed, enterprise-level software development projects that use object-oriented technologies, such as Java, Ruby, or .NET (50%); analyzing, developing and testing the full life-cycle software development projects using Agile methodologies, including Extreme Programming, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Test-Driven Development and pair programming (40%); making architectural and design decisions and overseeing project activity; managing team’s performance and reporting any issues;  liaising between client and team to define scope and technical direction and to gather/update requirements on deliverables and timeframes; distributing and managing project coordination across counties and time zones; coaching and mentoring developers on Agile Best Practices and various languages and technologies; and utilizing technologies such as Java, Ruby, JUnit, J2EE, JavaScript, Spring, MySQL and Oracle (10%).</p> <p>Job Position supervise work of other employees? No</p> <p>Job Position requires travel? Yes, willingness to travel at least 80% across U.S.</p> <p><strong><u>Qualification:</u></strong></p> <p>Education:       N/A</p> <p>Professional Experience:       Must have five years of experience in the job offered, Software Developer, Applications Developer, Software Engineer, Lead Developer or Technical Lead or closely related</p> <p>Special Skill Sets Required - Must have at least experience 12 months experience with each of the following skill sets:</p> <ul> <li><u> </u>Participating at all stages of the software delivery life-cycle, including analysis, development, testing and deployment;</li> <li>Leading a team of software engineers to oversee project activity, manage project deliverables and progress, prioritize plans for future iterations, and manage team performance;</li> <li>Utilizing Agile development methodologies including Continuous Integration, Extreme Programming, Continuous Delivery, Test-Driven Development and pair programming;</li> <li>Using test automation frameworks to test at different levels, including unit, functional and integration testing;</li> <li>Developing software applications using Java, Ruby or .NET;</li> <li>Designing, developing and testing software applications using various technologies including JavaScript, JUnit, Oracle and Selenium;</li> <li>Serving as a liaison between client and development team to define scope and technical direction of the project including requirements gathering and design discussions and managing project deliverables and timeframes;</li> <li>Working on projects with distributed teams, including managing coordination across countries and time zones; and</li> <li>Coaching and mentoring junior developers in all aspects of software development, including Agile development methodologies.</li> </ul> <p> </p> <p>JM-LCD042019</p> <p> </p> <p>*NO</p>ThoughtworksChicagoUSA