Are you a technologist from the LGBTQI+ community?

Here's your chance to work in a safe and technically ambitious environment at ThoughtWorks!

Interning with Pride is a ThoughtWorks program that connects recently graduated techies like you, who are from the LGBTQI+ community, with live industry experience.

This internship, spread over 5 months, is designed to sharpen your programming skills with hands-on training sessions on object-oriented programming practices. It also provides you with exposure to agile practices and the latest technology trends via real world projects.

The first batch of 4 interns successfully completed their internship out of ThoughtWorks' Hyderabad in October 2018. They have now joined us as full-time employees.

'Interning With Pride' helped hone my technical and communication skills amidst open conversations. The intensive training program was also set in an environment that encouraged the discussion of LGBTQI+ history, culture and issues. This experience affirmed our belief in the power of LGBTQI+ allies.
Karthik D'Interning with Pride' Intern, 2018

Why are we doing this?

At ThoughtWorks, we believe that diversity of thoughts, perspectives, ideas and solutions enhances innovation - that ultimately breeds business success. Diversity gives us the ability to quickly adapt to our customers’ needs in this fast-changing environment. The Interning with Pride program, driven by the ThoughtWorks Mitra Collective*, wants to see the company and the tech industry, as a whole, be more inclusive and reflective of the society that we all live in.

This internship program has helped us engineer a more aware and inclusive workplace than we had before. At every step of the project, we were intentional about ensuring that the interns felt safe and comfortable. And today, we’re extremely proud to have such passionate and inquisitive technologists join us as full time employees.
Archana Chillala & Srujan KumarProgram Anchors, Interning with Pride

The Mitra Collective are a purpose-filled group of people from  the LGBTQI+ community and allies at ThoughtWorks in India. This affinity group is part of a Diversity and Inclusion initiative. The collective works towards building a safe and Inclusive workspace at ThoughtWorks and also drives initiatives externally.


Q) I am not yet open to the public about my identity. I'm apprehensive about applying. What should I do?

A) We, at ThoughtWorks respect your choice to remain discreet and promise to be accommodative of your choice to reveal or not reveal your identity to the outside world.

Q) Who will be aware of my identity?

A) You will be working with a large group of technologists at the ThoughtWorks office, and under a specific internship program. This means, ThoughtWorkers will be aware of your identity. Which is also why we will be running sensitization and awareness sessions for ThoughtWorkers, before we kick start  this internship program.

Q) Can you share some Inclusivity stories from ThoughtWorks?

A) At ThoughtWorks, we are passionate about the fight for equality and non-discrimination. Read through the Inclusivity journeys of ThoughtWorkers TinaDr J and Nayana.

Q) I want to know more about the program. Whom do I contact?

A) You can write to us at

You can find the detailed list of FAQs here.