8 Aug 2017


Softwarequalität im Einsatz bei der METRO AG

Rufus Raghunath

2 Aug 2017


Why conversational UI? Why now?

Holden Bale and Neil Redding

5 Jul 2017


Feeding the future: How the food industry is changing

Daniel McMahon and Olivia Leonard

31 May 2017


The Changing Face of Retail: News Series with the BRC and ITN

Mark Collin

9 May 2017

Financial Services

The Intelligent Bank: The Power of Platform Thinking

Aneesh Lele and Prashant Gandhi

29 Apr 2017


Platforms for Growth: Connecting Digital Strategy to Technology

Giles Alexander, Lloyd Shanks and Natalie Drucker

11 Apr 2017

Financial Services

Insurance Disruption: InsurTech Leads the Way

Miranda Hill

20 Mar 2017

Financial Services

The Intelligent Bank Mindset: “Cars, not Faster Horses”

Aneesh Lele and Prashant Gandhi

12 Mar 2017


EuroShop 2017 - Digitalisierung des Handels

Aileen Pistorius and Frank Pototzki

21 Feb 2017

Global Health

[Podcast] Open Source Myths and Truths

Gurpreet Luthra and Karl Brown

25 Jan 2017

Global Health

5 Reasons Every Developer Should Contribute to OpenMRS

Shruthi Pitta

20 Jan 2017


Advertise Less, Innovate More

Daniel Pallozzi and Robin Copland

30 Dec 2016


The Most Popular Insights Articles of 2016

Fiona Lee

20 Dec 2016

Global Health

Imagining Patient Experiences with Face Recognition, IoT and OCR

Anup Vasudevan, Raj Saxena, Raju Reddy and Sai Kiran Naragam

14 Dec 2016

Financial Services

The Promise and Perils of AI in Compliance

Argyro (Iro) Tasitsiomi and Prashant Gandhi

9 Dec 2016


What Can Retailers Learn From Hackathons?

Lloyd Shanks

23 Nov 2016

Global Health

Designing for People with Low Digital Literacy

Arvind Sethia

16 Nov 2016


The Modern Retailer's Holy Grail

Daniel McMahon and Justin Grey

16 Nov 2016

Financial Services

How Banks can Prepare for a President Trump

Michael Rice and Prashant Gandhi

14 Nov 2016

Global Health

Scaling Assessment Map: An Evolving Tool Supporting Innovation Scale Up

Dan McClure and Ian Gray

3 Nov 2016


Blockchain in Practice: Tamper-Proof Read Receipts

Justin Ramos

20 Oct 2016

Global Health

Technology as an Enabler in the Social Sector

Juanchen Sun

13 Oct 2016

Financial Services

Is Regulatory Tech Really on the Rise?

Prashant Gandhi and Steve Ross-Talbot