31 Dec 2018


[Episode 4] A day in the life of a ThoughtWorks' Graduate Developer: Safira Nugroho

Safira Nugroho

18 Dec 2018

Karriere Hacks

Leadership as continuous improvement

Roseanne Malfucci

18 Dec 2018

Karriere Hacks

Less interviews, more JoI

Jade Daubney

17 Dec 2018


The responsible organization

Laura Paterson

7 Dec 2018


How I finally found my tribe and opportunities to help others

Nathan Urquhart

1 Dec 2018

Karriere Hacks

Day in the life of Charlotte Fereday

Charlotte Fereday

22 Nov 2018

Karriere Hacks

Peer to peer sharing and art representation in the New York office

Julien Deswaef

20 Nov 2018


Three cultural principles for sustainable social change

Oli Gibson

14 Nov 2018


Using the Tech Radar to boost your career

Gareth Morgan

30 Oct 2018


Diversity is being invited to the party, Inclusivity is being asked to dance

Nimisha Girijan

25 Oct 2018

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

[Episode 3] A Day in the Life of a ThoughtWorks' Lead Data Engineer: Lex Toumbourou

Lex Toumbourou

18 Oct 2018


In support of Stonewall's position on the Gender Recognition Act

Stephen Foreshew-Cain

16 Oct 2018

Experience Design

Four principles of product design: Designing to empower survivors of abuse

Amy Findeiss and Fernanda Alcocer

15 Oct 2018


An open letter celebrating the Supreme Court's ruling on Sec 377

Sameer Soman and Sudhir Tiwari

30 Sep 2018

Karriere Hacks

[Episode 2] A Day in the Life of a ThoughtWorks' Tech Lead: Minna Yao

Minna Yao

25 Sep 2018

Karriere Hacks

Tips to making a ‘lateral move’ work

Sarang Sanjay Kulkarni

20 Sep 2018

Karriere Hacks

[Episode 1] A Day in the Life of a ThoughtWorks' Tech Lead: Robin Doherty

Robin Doherty

17 Sep 2018


Frictionless and inclusive technology

Matthew Johnston

23 Aug 2018

Karriere Hacks

25 and still counting

Patti Mandarino

17 Aug 2018


Technology changed my life

Effy Elden

8 Aug 2018


Let’s talk: Making the uncomfortable comfortable

Mayase Jere

23 May 2018

Agiles Projektmanagement

Continuous improvement in a safe environment

Alexandre Klaser

23 Apr 2018

Karriere Hacks

Vom „Techie“ zum Tech Lead: Meine fünf größten Fehler

Peter Gillard-Moss