3 Oct 2019

Karriere Hacks

Ada Lovelace Day: Celebrating the game-changers of the UK tech scene

Amy Lynch

1 Oct 2019

Karriere Hacks


Gill Fordham

25 Sep 2019

Karriere Hacks

[Episode 7] A day in the life of 2 graduates, straight out of ThoughtWorks University

Daniel Gibson and Rowan Malamoo

18 Sep 2019

Software Testing

The origin of Smoke Testing and the confusion it can cause

Aiko Klostermann

16 Sep 2019

Soziale Gerechtigkeit

Climate action 2019

Eduardo Meneses and Elise Zelechowski

12 Sep 2019

Karriere Hacks

7 things I learned in 3 years as a ThoughtWorks consultant

Geison Goes

9 Sep 2019

Karriere Hacks

The juggle is real: Presenting at conferences as a mother

Sarah Taraporewalla

6 Sep 2019

Karriere Hacks

Career change perspectives: From Civil Engineer to Software Developer

Gerard Ho

2 Sep 2019

Karriere Hacks

We are now a member of Business Disability Forum

Matthew Johnston

30 Aug 2019

Karriere Hacks

Part II: Professionalism, feedback and collaboration in technical teams

Juntao Qiu

26 Aug 2019

Karriere Hacks

Part I: Professionalism, feedback and collaboration in technical teams

Juntao Qiu

19 Aug 2019

Karriere Hacks

Ask a name - add a pronoun

Dr J Harrison

14 Aug 2019

Karriere Hacks

[Episode 6] Day in the life of a ThoughtWorks Tech Lead

Satyam Agarwala

8 Aug 2019

Karriere Hacks

ThoughtWorks Business Travel Hacks: Our consultants share top tips

AJ Iniguez

5 Aug 2019

Karriere Hacks

The 8 tips to help you settle into your new team

Shilpa Goley

17 Jul 2019

Karriere Hacks

ThoughtWorks University: A graduate perspective

Angelita Sasmita

4 Jun 2019

Agiles Projektmanagement

Why product objectives are your best guide to team design

Robert Bornemann

24 May 2019

Software Testing

5 tips for QAs to add more value to their teams

Lina Zubyte

24 Apr 2019

Karriere Hacks

Getting more underrepresented minorities into tech

Nikki Jones

22 Apr 2019


Why should I care about 50/50 by 2020?

Meenakshi Dhanani

18 Mar 2019


Dial D for Diversity: LGBTQ+ inclusion in corporate India

Anirban Ghosh

7 Mar 2019

Karriere Hacks

Growth modeling for developers

Shlok Amin

21 Feb 2019

Karriere Hacks

My journey to becoming a senior consultant

Emily Namugaanyi