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12 Nov 2018

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29 May 2018

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Seshadri Krishnan

2 Apr 2018

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Jayesh Ghatge

21 Mar 2018

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Sudhir Tiwari

14 Mar 2018

“Alexa, transfer money to my mother” - changing how we pay in India

Boojapathy Chidambaram and Seshadri Krishnan

22 Feb 2018

Mastering the mix: Five ingredients for digital transformation

David Robinson and Linda Luu

16 Feb 2018

Future proof your business through enterprise innovation

Angela Bishop and Maryam Aidini

4 Feb 2018

Choreographers - the missing role in enterprise transformation

Dan McClure

1 Feb 2018

Transforming for real

Sriram Narayan

25 Jan 2018

The well-factored approach to securing ROI on your service investment: Part 3

Praful Todkar and Ryan Murray

19 Jan 2018

Unleashing the giants: digitizing automotive incumbents — Part one

Dino Frese

18 Jan 2018

5 takeaways from the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona

Mark Collin, Natalie Drucker and Nima Montazeri

30 Dec 2017

Top Insights Content from 2017

Prarthana Sridhar