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Macro trends in the tech industry | Nov 2019

Mike Mason

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How many programming languages should your business support?

Rebecca Parsons

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Coding habits for data scientists

David Tan

2 Jul 2020

Surviving our COVID-19 Punctuated Equilibrium

Jim Highsmith

22 Jun 2020

The future of shopping

Hari R and Kuldeep Singh

12 Jun 2020

Pro Sketch Techniques for Shared Libraries

Hannes Nanninga

11 Jun 2020

User stories: A tale of epic confusion

Matt Riley

10 Jun 2020

A tribute to Alan Turing

Gitanjali Venkatraman

20 May 2020

Asking questions to improve quality

Lina Zubyte and Steve Upton

19 May 2020

Macro trends in the tech industry | May 2020

Mike Mason

13 May 2020

Big Data applied in sales process

Mariane Ferroni

12 May 2020

It is cheaper to fix a mistake before you make it

Sara Michelazzo

8 May 2020

Gone Are The Days Of Vertically Sliced Stories

Tabassum Farooque Memon

5 May 2020

Remote working from a company and team perspective: Part 1

Fausto de la Torre

5 May 2020

Value from Volatility: How disruption can power the next phase of growth

Dani Huaman

5 May 2020

Remote working from a company and team perspective: Part 2

Fausto de la Torre

30 Apr 2020

Fully remote in less than one week

Peter Gillard-Moss

30 Apr 2020

Grape Growing: Applying product-thinking to digital platforms

Aaron Tushabe and Seve Kim

27 Apr 2020

​What speedback is and how to run it using zoom breakout rooms

Alan Gomes and Brunno Hofmann

22 Apr 2020

The Either data type as an alternative to throwing exceptions

Mario Fernandez

20 Apr 2020

The Remote Pairing Cheat Sheet

Sunit Parekh

16 Apr 2020

Data-driven responses to new patterns of customer behaviour

David Colls and Sue Visic

14 Apr 2020

eXtending reality with AR and VR - Part II

Kuldeep Singh