Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

20 Nov 2019

Macro trends in the tech industry | Nov 2019

Mike Mason

12 Nov 2019

In the midst of the AI race – are ethics moving fast enough?

Anna Gudmundson

21 Oct 2019

Coding habits for data scientists

David Tan

17 Oct 2019

How to seize technology opportunities - while staying on the right side of the line

Ashok Subramanian

11 Oct 2019

How to build an excellent chatbot

Daniel Schruhl and Lina Zubyte

20 Aug 2019

Speak to me: How voice commerce is revolutionizing commerce

Christoph Windheuser and Salah Zayakh

16 May 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Empowerment

David Johnston

10 Mar 2019

An ML showdown in search of the best tool

Aiko Klostermann

10 Feb 2019

Der Fluch des Data-Lake-Monsters

Kiran Prakash and Lucy Chambers

4 Feb 2019

The irrefutable future of AI-guided digital businesses

Sudhir Tiwari

23 Jan 2019

Künstliche Intelligenz in der Softwareentwicklung

Sharath Satish

25 Oct 2018

[Episode 3] A Day in the Life of a ThoughtWorks' Lead Data Engineer: Lex Toumbourou

Lex Toumbourou

10 Sep 2018

EmoPy: a machine learning toolkit for emotional expression

Angelica Perez

30 Aug 2018

Recognizing human facial expressions with machine learning

Angelica Perez

17 Jul 2018

How art programs drive innovation at ThoughtWorks

Andrew McWilliams

27 Jun 2018

How artists are reshaping emerging technology research

Andrew McWilliams

19 Apr 2018

Our thoughts on the House of Lords AI Select Committee report on AI

Dave Elliman and Mark Brand

21 Mar 2018

Was ist Intelligent Empowerment?

Christoph Windheuser

10 Jan 2018

How artificial intelligence is transforming the criminal justice system

Stephanie Weber

18 Dec 2017

Intelligent risk and compliance

Prashant Gandhi

24 Sep 2017

Moving to the center of the customer’s universe

Miranda Hill

2 Aug 2017

Why conversational UI? Why now?

Holden Bale and Neil Redding

28 Jun 2017

How can airlines disrupt disruptions?

Neil Redding, Robert Drotar and Scott Dickson