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Designing for People with Low Digital Literacy

Arvind Sethia

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Introducing Security Practices Within the Health Domain

Pengfei Cui and Qinghua Liu

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Partnering With a Hospital for and by the Adivasis

Gayathri Rao

21 Feb 2017

[Podcast] Open Source Myths and Truths

Gurpreet Luthra and Karl Brown

25 Jan 2017

5 Reasons Every Developer Should Contribute to OpenMRS

Shruthi Pitta

20 Dec 2016

Imagining Patient Experiences with Face Recognition, IoT and OCR

Anup Vasudevan, Raj Saxena, Raju Reddy and Sai Kiran Naragam

14 Nov 2016

Scaling Assessment Map: An Evolving Tool Supporting Innovation Scale Up

Dan McClure and Ian Gray

20 Oct 2016

Technology as an Enabler in the Social Sector

Juanchen Sun

20 Sep 2016

Digitizing Medical Stock Management in Resource-Constrained Countries

Danni Yu

1 Aug 2016

Implementing a Shared Health Record Platform in Rural Bangladesh

Arun Velayutham Selvaraj

6 Jul 2016

A Visual Journey of How Bahmni is Used

Amira A . Pettus

30 Jun 2016

Beyond Inceptions: Aligning with the Social Sector

Kristina Lugo

27 Apr 2016

Decoding the Zika Virus

Gayathri Rao

5 Apr 2016

Building Back Better With Technology

Laura Schwecherl

4 Mar 2016

EMRs and Paper Records: Co-existing in Hospital Ecosystems

Abhinav Chaitanya Peddada and Amira A . Pettus

14 Feb 2016

Team Bahmni at the OpenMRS Worldwide Summit 2015

Gurpreet Luthra

30 Dec 2015

The Most Popular Content on Insights 2015

Daniel Pallozzi, Kaifeng Zhang, Prarthana Sridhar and Sarah Howe

30 Jun 2015

Potential, not a Panacea: Tech in Low-Resource Health Delivery

David Walton, MD MPH

24 Jun 2015

How ThoughtWorks Brasil Fought Ebola

Luiza Nunes & Mario Areias

12 Jun 2015

The Great Indian Standardisation Drive

Vinay Venu

20 Apr 2015

A Unique Production Issue at JSS

Arjun Khandelwal

30 Mar 2015

Developing and Deploying Software for the Social Sector

Meghna Prasad

13 Mar 2015

Challenging Paradigms in Health Informatics

Vivek Singh