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The Intelligent Bank: The Power of Platform Thinking

Aneesh Lele and Prashant Gandhi

Featured Article

The Intelligent Bank Mindset: “Cars, not Faster Horses”

Aneesh Lele and Prashant Gandhi

Featured Article

The Intelligent Bank: The Hidden Weakness in Financial Services Business Models

Aneesh Lele and Prashant Gandhi

28 Jun 2019

Digital reboot for traditional banking

Sandeep Reddy and Sudhir Tiwari

3 Apr 2019

A Banking Revolution or a Revolutionary Bank?

Kevin Telford

18 Mar 2019

Revolutionary enterprises need trust beyond a mantra

Kevin Telford

11 Jun 2018

Why open banking and where to begin

Isa Goksu and Kevin Telford

10 May 2018

Precision banking: ‘segment of one’

Muralikrishnan Puthanveedu

14 Mar 2018

“Alexa, transfer money to my mother” - changing how we pay in India

Boojapathy Chidambaram and Seshadri Krishnan

21 Feb 2018

DLT: Re-imagining industry value chains

Clay Ratliff, Erin Kyle and Prashant Gandhi

14 Jan 2018

The Lost Millennials: will our Financial Services sector ever find them?

JoJo Swords

18 Dec 2017

Intelligent risk and compliance

Prashant Gandhi

24 Sep 2017

Moving to the center of the customer’s universe

Miranda Hill

11 Apr 2017

Insurance Disruption: InsurTech Leads the Way

Miranda Hill

14 Dec 2016

The Promise and Perils of AI in Compliance

Argyro (Iro) Tasitsiomi and Prashant Gandhi

16 Nov 2016

How Banks can Prepare for a President Trump

Michael Rice and Prashant Gandhi

3 Nov 2016

Blockchain in Practice: Tamper-Proof Read Receipts

Justin Ramos

13 Oct 2016

Is Regulatory Tech Really on the Rise?

Prashant Gandhi and Steve Ross-Talbot

6 Oct 2016

Orthodoxy Taketh, and Orthodoxy Giveth: The “New” New Financial Orthodoxy

Chris Montaño and Ross Pettit

15 Sep 2016

Is FinTech a Threat to Financial Orthodoxy?

Chris Montaño and Ross Pettit

18 Aug 2016

Blockchain: Under the Hood

Justin Ramos

10 Aug 2016

Out of the Echo Chamber: To Build Trust, Deliver Value

Prashant Gandhi

28 Jul 2016

Blockchain for Grown-Ups: The Multiverse is Coming

Prasanna Pendse and Ross Pettit