Continuous Delivery

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Getting into DevOps: Part 1

Carlos Nuñez

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5 Traits of a Good Delivery Pipeline

Marcos Brizeno

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Infrastructure as Code: A Reason to Smile

Jafari Sitakange

4 Feb 2020

Automating semantic versioning model in mobile releases

Guilherme Cherubini and Vanessa Medeiros

20 Nov 2019

Macro trends in the tech industry | Nov 2019

Mike Mason

11 Oct 2019

How to build an excellent chatbot

Daniel Schruhl and Lina Zubyte

30 Aug 2019

Part II: Professionalism, feedback and collaboration in technical teams

Juntao Qiu

26 Aug 2019

Part I: Professionalism, feedback and collaboration in technical teams

Juntao Qiu

28 May 2019

Learning from Japan: How to create visibility and the right environment

Nicola Boyle and Zoe Wilkins

24 Apr 2019

Makrotrends in der Technologiebranche | April 2019

Mike Mason

15 Feb 2019

The path to DevOps

Erik Dörnenburg

5 Nov 2018

Modernizing your build pipelines

Mario Fernandez

29 Mar 2018

Using CD with machine learning models to tackle fraud

Hany Elemary and Sarah LeBlanc

27 Feb 2018

What’s my job again? Three steps to promote value within an Agile team

Anne Weise

8 May 2017

Getting into DevOps: Part 2

Carlos Nuñez

8 Jun 2016

The Amazing Journey of Tramchester, an Award-Winning Mobile App

Suzie Prince

27 May 2016

[Podcast] Build Pipelines as Code with LambdaCD

Klaus Fleerkötter

26 Feb 2016

Moving to the Phoenix Server Pattern Part 3: Evolving a Recovery Strategy

Laura Ionescu

19 Jan 2016

Infrastructure as Code: The Automation Fear Spiral

Kief Morris

11 Jan 2016

Architecting for Continuous Delivery

Vishal Naik

8 Jan 2016

Infrastructure as Code: From the Iron Age to the Cloud Age

Kief Morris

24 Dec 2015

11 Gifts for the DevOps Person in Your Life

Louda Peña

1 Nov 2015

[Podcast] Securing the Pipeline

Johannes Thönes