15 Dec 2015

Functional Tests - How to Decide What to Automate?

Daniel Amorim and Hugo Vares Vieira

10 Dec 2015

Practical Steps Men can Take to Support Feminism

V Moschetta

7 Dec 2015

Seven Tips to Plan Your Next Meeting with Clients

Luis Mizutani

25 Oct 2015

Feed the Feedback

Leandro Guimaraes

21 Sep 2015

Decoding Feedback Triggers

Marcio Viegas

25 Aug 2015

How to Grow Effective Teams

Tiago Rosa

5 Aug 2015

Predictability and Classes of Service

Leonardo Campos

29 Jul 2015

Effective Navigation in Pair Programming

Carlos Villela and Viviana Terceros Cordova

27 Jul 2015

Indoor Location: Wi-fi e Beacons no Varejo

Wagner Andrade

1 Jul 2015

Defect Prevention Using Agile Techniques

Lucas Medina and Raquel Liedke

30 Jun 2015

The Art of Being a Good Listener

Marcio Viegas

24 Jun 2015

How ThoughtWorks Brasil Fought Ebola

Luiza Nunes & Mario Areias

20 May 2015

I'm not a One-Dimensional Trick Pony

Barbara Wolff Dick

10 May 2015

[Podcast] Open Source and Startups in Brazil

Johannes Thönes

30 Mar 2015

​Continuous Delivery with Broken Builds and a Clean Conscience

Lucas Medina

19 Mar 2015

Technology for the Creation of Safe Spaces for Women

Guilherme Reis & Jessica Blandina

17 Mar 2015

Speech is Influence: Why Technologists Should Embrace Rhetoric

Marcos Vinicius

12 Mar 2015

Innovation in Retail: Is it Possible?

Gabriel Brigidi

11 Mar 2015

Goodbye, Master

Ronaldo Ferraz

10 Mar 2015

É preciso ir além da excelência técnica

Tarso Aires

10 Mar 2015

First Continuous Delivery Meet-Up in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Leandro Gualter

25 Feb 2015

What I learned in People Operations at ThoughtWorks

Vinícius Mello

28 Jan 2015

10 Ways to Improve Your Pairing Experience

Tarso Aires