[Podcast] DevOps and Microservices - Architectural Considerations

“Microservices are the first post DevOps revolution architecture," says Neal Ford, Architect and Meme Wrangler at ThoughtWorks. 

I had the chance to record a 22 minute interview with him, where he explained to me why the DevOps revolution was a prerequisite for the microservices architectural style to become possible.

This episode, the second in the ThoughtWorks Podcast series, is a quick introduction to what microservices are, what kind of architectural principles can be used to implement them, and what a good test strategy for microservices can look like. We also explain why you should have a continuous delivery practice running before starting to develop microservices.

We close with the definition of the term “real virtual machine” - which is the place you need to deploy your microservices to as soon as possible to get early user feedback.


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