18 Mar 2019

Dial D for Diversity: LGBTQ+ inclusion in corporate India

Anirban Ghosh

21 Mar 2018

Leadership in the era of disruption

Sudhir Tiwari

1 Feb 2018

Transforming for real

Sriram Narayan

26 Oct 2017

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Tina Vinod

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Dinker Charak

2 May 2017

The two, opposing IoT r/evolutions in play

Sameer Soman

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7 Reasons Big Data Analytics Initiatives Fail

Prakash Kini

1 Aug 2016

Implementing a Shared Health Record Platform in Rural Bangladesh

Arun Velayutham Selvaraj

4 Mar 2016

EMRs and Paper Records: Co-existing in Hospital Ecosystems

Abhinav Chaitanya Peddada and Amira A . Pettus

5 Feb 2016

An Open Letter Expressing Solidarity with African Students

Sameer Soman

4 Jan 2016

An Open Letter on Net Neutrality

Sameer Soman and Sudhir Tiwari

24 Nov 2015

The Makings of Enduring Organizational Culture

Sameer Soman

30 Sep 2015

An Integration Story: Travel Apps Leveraging Intuitive Technology

Vinod Sankaranarayanan

6 Sep 2015

Getting Unstuck: From the Rut to Creative Work

Nagarjun Kandukuru

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Five in a Box for a Workshop!

Surya Sreedevi Vedula

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A Unique Production Issue at JSS

Arjun Khandelwal

16 Feb 2015

Performing with Apache JMeter, the Ruby Way

Jaydeep Chakrabarty

18 Nov 2014

Project vs. Product

Tabassum Farooque Memon

24 Oct 2014

Python Working Environment for Beginners: Part 2

Surya Sreedevi Vedula

23 Oct 2014

Python Working Environment for Beginners: Part 1

Surya Sreedevi Vedula

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5 Tips for Effective Scope Management

Mangalam Nandakumar and Shantala Raman

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6 Ways to Speed Up Your Tests

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4 Takeaways from a Distributed Agile Project

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