First Year Experience

At ThoughtWorks, we believe that onboarding is a journey, not a single event.

The First Year Experience is an onboarding program that focuses on helping New Hires learn about our culture, our approach to consulting, and overall how to be an amazing ThoughtWorker. The program provides guidance and connections within the organization but also challenges each New Hire to think about their strengths, opportunity areas, goals and career path.

FYE Program Elements

These four program elements work together to help New Hires navigate our organization and deliver value quickly to ThoughtWorks and to our clients.

When you join ThoughtWorks, you will be supported right from the start. The FYE team provides all new ThoughtWorkers with a customized support network to get you acclimated to the company in the right way at the right time. Once you are staffed on an engagement, your network will continue to grow!

We are a group of individuals from all over working together to support each other’s ideas, goals, and journeys. The FYE team is here to help you start building connections to the business to set you up for success. Through peer-to-peer and role-based networking, your fellow ThoughtWorkers are here to help you in your first year.

Learning is a core component of ThoughtWorks culture. As part of the FYE, New Hires are provided intentional learning opportunities aimed at building core consulting and craft skills. In addition to the New Hire focused sessions, all ThoughtWorkers are provided internal and external training opportunities through our Learning & Development Team.

Through a series of surveys, 1:1 meetings, continuous feedback, assigned support, and informal checkpoints, we’re committed to connecting regularly and ensuring you have the support you need to feel successful.

The FYE Journey

We recognize that people join us at different points in their professional journeys. While we aim for consistency, we’re not a 1-size-fits-all program. There are three main journeys to provide the specific structure and support depending on level of experience.

What to expect in your first year.

Week 1

Entry-Level | Experienced Hire | Principal

New Hire Orientation: The entry point to your ThoughtWorks journey! All New Hires come together in Chicago for a deep dive on our Global and North American business. This experience is meant to jumpstart your Onboarding and lay the foundation to set you up for long term success.

First Quarter

Entry-Level Only

ThoughtWorks University: A 5-week intensive training program in Xi’an China or Pune, India. Here you’ll learn more about ThoughtWorks as a business, our approach to software development, and even get to practice.

First Year

Entry-Level | Experienced Hire | Principal

Delivering Value: You’ll be staffed on a client engagement, allowing you to find opportunities to build new consulting and craft skills, and work with your team and client to find ways to add value to our client’s organization. 

Personal & Professional Development: The FYE team and your customized support network will find opportunities to help you plug into various learning events. We encourage New Hires to drive their own learning and development based on the goals you set for yourself. Take advantage of the internal and external training opportunities and perks provided by the Learning & Development team. 

Contributing to TW’s Community: It takes ThoughtWorkers to make a great ThoughtWorks. Regardless of how new you are to TW, it’s never too early to support our ever-growing ecosystem. Opportunities such as coaching, mentoring, recruiting, writing, and speaking are always available and encouraged for New Hires to drive and participate in. 

Networking: We are a highly networked organization. Building a strong network will help you understand the business faster, and allow you to start meeting your goals quicker. The FYE team will help you make connections to jump start your networking to support your continued success at TW.

Year Two

Entry-Level | Experienced Hire | Principal

Transition: During your second year, as you gain a better understanding of the organization, your role and career path, you will transition away from the support of the FYE to your personal support structure that you’ve been building during your first year at TW.

It takes ThoughtWorkers to make a great ThoughtWorks. We look forward to cultivating an exciting journey for you as you join us in the First Year Experience!