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If you love solving big, complex problems that challenge your brain and build your skills. If you want to be part of a tech community, not just work for a tech consultancy.

If you care about doing the right thing – to solve the problems at hand, but also for society. If you are curious, honest, tenacious (and nice). You'll like it here.

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We’re hiring talented Senior Devs.

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We’re hiring inspiring Lead Consultants.

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Why ThoughtWorks? This is Karen’s story...

Looking after our people

We have a really thoughtful and generous benefits package for ThoughtWorkers in the UK.

Careers at ThoughtWorks

As consultants, every day is different in a big way. One week you may be working with a global retailer or a bank, alongside a hundred other ThoughtWorkers, on a big transformation program. Another week you may be helping a start-up think through their product roadmap, with the founders and three teammates. You’ll be hands on right from the start: work shopping, MVP building, feature writing, client facing.

You may be on our ‘beach’ at times: brushing up on the latest thinking, writing a conference talk yourself, contributing to an internal project or focused on social impact.

Our teams are formed for each specific project, so you’ll get the chance to work with and learn from lots of different ThoughtWorkers while you’re here. You’ll create your own path: whether that means mastering one skill; learning new tech stacks; or completely changing direction, from Dev to BA (or vice versa). Career paths at ThoughtWorks are unique, and don’t mean stepping away from the tech, ever. Unless you want to!

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Folks you might meet

Laura Paterson

From dev to office principal, now Laura is leading our social impact work in the UK...

Dave Elliman

Dave is one of our Global Heads of Technology. And he still writes code...

Alex Gibson

Alex joined ThoughtWorks in Australia as a recruiter, now she runs our global LD paths...

XConf EU
XConf EU

XConf EU is built by technologists, for technologists - no fuss, just real tech.

This one-day, two-track event gives you direct access to a diverse range of ThoughtWorks senior technologists working on our clients’ most complex challenges. 


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