Free to make your mark
Free to make your mark


ThoughtWorks challenges curious minds to make a real impact

Meet Mridula

Mridula "MJ" Jayaraman didn't begin her career as a developer. Find out how she changed paths and learned to lead teams of technologists.

Meet Jonny

It took a journey through the jungle to find his path. See how Jonny LeRoy went from adventuring backpacker to Head of Technology.

Meet Zhamak

As a young girl, she received her first computer and discovered a portal to a new world. See how far it took Zhamak Dehghani and where she is today.

Featured open roles in India

Application Developer | Mumbai

We’re hiring full stack developers for our newest India office. Learn more and...

Lead Consultant | Gurgaon

We’re hiring inspiring Lead Consultants.

Learn more and...

Application Developer | Hyderabad

Do you want to shape the future of tech?

Learn more and...

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We believe in the power of diversity

Our award-winning initiative #TalkTechToHer is designed to create better career paths and opportunities for senior women technologists. Vapasi provides a platform for women developers to restart their careers. Interning with Pride enables recently graduated techies from the LGBTQI+ community to grow their tech skills.

We aspire to be an employer of choice for all because diversity powers our collective impact.

What would you like to do?

That’s one of the first questions you’ll be asked and it’s not about titles. Ready to take on a new role? We’re looking for change makers. Opportunity creators. Bridge builders. Mind openers. Status-quo shakers. Our job is to create a place where people have the freedom to make a real and positive impact on our world through technology.

As a ThoughtWorker, you are free to learn and to share on any platform. Free to feel safe in your own skin. Free to follow your latest curiosity to an unknown place. Free to challenge ideas, assumptions, and solutions - no matter who they belong to (respectfully). Free to experiment and recommend the right tech without bias. Free to change career paths. Free to make technology a better place for all.

ThoughtWorkers you might get to work with

Gunjan Shukla

Gunjan Leads the Engineering for Research Practice and is Global Demand Operations Lead for India...

Bharani Subramaniam

Bharani is a Market Tech Principal, for India and Europe...

Devangana Khokhar

Data junkie, machine learning enthusiast and author of the Gephi Cookbook...

The power of collective impact

Through the years, our community events in India have brought over 10,000 technologists together.

Geek Night, XConf, Converge and VodQa
Geek Night, XConf, Converge and VodQa

All open roles in India

region office job title
IndiaBangaloreApplication Developer (Full-Stack)
IndiaBangaloreClient Principal
IndiaBangaloreDevOps Engineer
IndiaBangaloreLead Consultant - Application Development
IndiaBangaloreLead Data Engineer
IndiaBangaloreLead Data Scientist
IndiaBangaloreMobile Developer - iOS
IndiaBangalorePrincipal Technologist (.Net Practitioner, Architecture, Technical Leadership)
IndiaBangaloreQuality Analyst - 2019 Bangalore
IndiaBangaloreRetail Domain Specialist
IndiaBangaloreTalent Acquisition (Contractual)
IndiaBangaloreTalent Marketing Specialist
IndiaBangaloreTechnical Recruiter - Data Hiring (Contract)
IndiaBangaloreTechnical Trainer & Coach
IndiaBangaloreUser Experience Designer / XD
IndiaBangaloreVisual Designer
IndiaBangalore Data Engineering Trainer - ThoughtWorks Data University Programme (x2) - 12 Month Fixed Term Contract
IndiaChennaiApplication Developer (Full-Stack)
IndiaChennaiData Engineer
IndiaChennaiData Scientist
IndiaChennaiLead Consultant - Application Development
IndiaChennaiMobile Developer
IndiaChennaiTalent Acquisition (Contractual)
IndiaChennaiUser Experience Designer / XD
IndiaCoimbatoreApplication Developer (Full-Stack)
IndiaCoimbatoreData Engineer
IndiaCoimbatoreIndia:Business Analyst
IndiaCoimbatoreQuality Analyst
IndiaGurgaonApplication Developer (Full-stack) 4-9 years
IndiaGurgaonBusiness Analyst (6-10) years
IndiaGurgaonData Engineer (2-9 Years)
IndiaGurgaonInfrastructure Consultant (DevOps) (4-9 Years)
IndiaGurgaonInfrastructure Consultant (DevOps) (9+ Years)
IndiaGurgaonLead Consultant- Application Development
IndiaGurgaonLead Data Engineer
IndiaGurgaonUI Developer
IndiaGurgaonUser Experience Designer / XD
IndiaHyderabadApplication Developer (Full-Stack)- Sr.Consultant
IndiaHyderabadBusiness Analyst
IndiaHyderabadExperience Designer / XD
IndiaHyderabadIndia: Big Data Engineer
IndiaHyderabadLead Consultant - Application Development
IndiaHyderabadLead Data Engineer
IndiaHyderabadRetail Domain Specialist
IndiaHyderabadVisual Designer
IndiaMumbaiApplication Developer (Full-Stack)
IndiaMumbaiBusiness Analyst
IndiaMumbaiBusiness Development Manager
IndiaMumbaiClient Principal
IndiaMumbaiLead Technologist- Application Development
IndiaMumbaiReact Native Developer
IndiaPuneApplication Developer (Cons)
IndiaPuneApplication Developer (Full-Stack)
IndiaPuneData Engineer (5-9 Years)
IndiaPuneDevOps Consultant
IndiaPuneLead Consultant - Application Development
IndiaPuneLead Data Engineer
IndiaPuneQuality Analyst
IndiaPuneTechnical Training Leader - ThoughtWorks University
IndiaPuneUI Developer
IndiaPuneUser Experience Designer / XD
IndiaPuneVisual Designer

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