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It doesn't matter what your background is. Our entry-level program embraces trainees from all walks of life. All you need is a love for technology and a passion for learning.

For budding technologists, Thoughtworks cultivates curious minds and fosters a vibrant community where you can learn and grow. Here, our collaborative practices, inclusive workforce and supportive programs empower our people to make an extraordinary impact on the world, together, through our culture and technology excellence.

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The freedom to take up responsibilities, according to my interests rather than my grade is something I value the most at Thoughtworks
Punya Subramanian

Business Analyst

Thoughtworks Neev

Neev is an immersive six-week entry-level program designed to prepare entry-level hires, transition from academia (or a non-technical background) to a professional tech consulting environment. The Neev core team works closely with program attendees throughout the cultivation and integration phases during the joiner’s first year at Thoughtworks. Neev’s curriculum nurtures a 'learning pathway' suited to the young technologists’ core competencies. It simulates a real-world project experience with emphasis on soft skills and holistic feedback.


What is the mode of recruitment at Thoughtworks?

The recruitment process has been 100% remote since the onset of COVID-19. As conditions improve, we will evaluate whether or not it's safe to resume the in-person recruitment process.

Do you accept applications exclusively from Computer Science students?

We consider candidates from all academic backgrounds. If you're applying to be a Software Developer, we'd expect you to have working knowledge of at least one object-oriented programming language.

Am I eligible for an internship opportunity with Thoughtworks?

All candidates who get a job offer from us are eligible to intern with us. Please reach out to your recruiter for more information.

How should I choose the job/s best suited to my qualifications and strengths?

Your options often aren’t limited to your degree subject/s. To explore roles that could be suitable for you, refer to this job opportunity section.

I am not passionate about coding but would like to explore other areas (business/functional) and roles at Thoughtworks. How do I go about that?

For some of the roles, we look for people who excel as they switch between business and technical contexts. For instance, when hiring Business Analysts, we always consider business skills an added advantage as the individuals work with both clients and technologists to deliver real business value. Please reach out to your recruiters for more information.

What is a typical career path at Thoughtworks?

There is no ‘typical’ career path at Thoughtworks – you are free to decide your career path. This means you are free to follow your curiosity while leveraging the power of feedback, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

I have a degree and have a few years of work experience, can I still apply?

Yes. We ask that you have no more than 12 months of relevant tech industry experience to be eligible for our grad recruitment process.

What sort of work will I be doing once I am a Consultant at Thoughtworks?

We suggest you visit our consultant’s life page to learn more about the kind of work you can expect to do at Thoughtworks.

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Policy of Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment at the Workplace

Our Policy of Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment at the Workplace outlines our commitment to provide equal opportunity in all the areas of employment regardless of age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, religion, ability, background, or identity.