By ThoughtWorks Webinars

Tuesday, 6 October 2020 - 1pm Sydney | 7:30am Bangalore | 9am Bangkok | 10am Singapore | 10am Beijing (1 hour inc 15 min Q&A)

Micro Frontend Myths

It's been almost four years since we first wrote about micro frontends on the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar. Since then, we've seen interest in the technique grow significantly; we've been involved in many implementations first-hand with our clients, and we've had a lot of great discussions with champions and sceptics alike. As often happens when an idea begins to spread, we've also seen meanings change and misconceptions emerge. 

In this talk, ThoughtWorks Lead Developer, Cam Jackson, will go over some of the most common myths associated with micro frontends, and separate fact from fiction. You'll come away with a better understanding of the nuances and subtleties that await you, should you choose to go down the micro frontend path.

Questions to cover:

  • How do micro frontends impact user experience?
  • How much code reuse can I expect?
  • How much cross-team coordination is really needed?
Cam Jackson


Cam Jackson

Lead Developer, ThoughtWorks

Cam Jackson is a full-stack web developer and lead consultant at ThoughtWorks. He has a particular interest in how large organisations scale their frontend development process and practices, and has worked with many clients across multiple industries and countries, helping them to deliver web applications efficiently and effectively.

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