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Past event | Applying lessons from open source to your own platform

So you can continue to tap into and enjoy the content we deliver regularly in our By Thoughtworks event series, we are moving our current line-up of speakers to a webinar format until we can get back to our in-person event. We hope you will join us!

Have you ever put your heart into starting an open source project, but then realised the hard work was only just beginning? In this talk, hear from the creator of Batect, Charles Korn, who will share the lessons he learnt from growing his open source tool from one user to hundreds of users from all over the planet with diverse needs and problems. He’ll share his know-how on how he uncovered users’ pain points, how he prioritised his time, and how he built documentation that users love, and more. Walk away with plenty of practical tips and advice you can apply to not only open source tools, but also your organisation’s internal tools and platforms.

Charles Korn

Charles Korn - Speaker

Lead Consultant Software Developer, Thoughtworks Australia

Charles is a lead developer and consultant at Thoughtworks. He spends his time helping teams solve complex technical problems, with a particular interest in developer experience, automation and cloud-native infrastructure. Charles is the original creator and maintainer of Batect, an open source tool built on top of Docker that makes it easy to quickly and consistently run your development and testing tasks everywhere.

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