From X-rays to 3X growth: An innovator's journey | 18 March

We’re proud to partner with AWS to bring you Break Through - a virtual series showcasing inspiring stories of innovation told by leaders and visionaries across Australia. Uncover how organisations put innovation into practice to fuel their growth engine, build greater resilience and redefine leadership.

Join us for a virtual fireside chat with Andy Donaldson, the global CTO of Everlight Radiology. As a high-growth international teleradiology platform delivering 24/7 radiology service with over 1.5 million patient cases annually, Everlight has ambitious plans to grow their business by 3x their size over the coming three years. Andy will talk more about their growth plans, the challenges of going global, and how he and his team stay ahead with rapid innovation.

Andy Donaldson

Chief Technology Officer, Everlight Radiology

Andy has over 20 years’ experience in corporate IT. He has held CIO, CTO and Technology Director positions across multiple industry verticals. He has extensive experience in creating and executing technology strategy, development and change programmes.

Thursday, 18 March

1:15pm Sydney | 10:15am Singapore | 10:15am Beijing | 9:15am Bangkok | 7:45am Bangalore

(30 minute fireside chat)

Series Hosts

Nic Smythe

Nic Smythe

Director of Customer Experience, Product & Design, ThoughtWorks Australia

Nic has been with ThoughtWorks since 2013, specialising in product management, user experience, digital innovation, and strategy. He has over 20 years’ experience in digital and technology, including with some of Australia's biggest media organisations. Today, Nic leads the Customer Experience, Product & Design service line at ThoughtWorks Australia.

Katrien Pagnaer

Katrien Pagnaer

Sales Leader - Mid - Enterprise for New South Wales, Amazon Web Services

As a sales leader at Amazon Web Services, Katrien has been fortunate to combine her passion for innovation, building strategic relationships and leadership into one. She helps companies improve their performance by effectively applying new generations of technology to reshape business strategies. Katrien's overall goal is to transform the industries she works in and challenge them by using relevant business model innovations.

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