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Senior Quality Analyst

Bangkok, Thailand

Woven between all the stages of the delivery process is the work of a Quality Analyst: the technologist who focuses on the complexity and risk inherent in building solutions. By collaborating with each team member—Developer, Business Analyst, Designer, etc.—they ensure quality is thoughtfully examined in both processes and technology. QAs are more than testers; they're team motivators and strive to inspire all teammates to weave quality into their mindsets and code.

Job responsibilities

  • Advocate for quality being built into software and products and aspire to 'shift quality to the left' i.e. highlight and put measures for risk mitigations within the team as early as possible
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teammates to embed quality at every stage of product evolution from ideation to customer usage
  • Regularly carry out exploratory testing to gain insights and uncover potential risks
  • Offer improvements to code, tests, testability and suggest tools and frameworks
  • Examine end-to-end processes including test coverage across all layers of the tech stack, ensuring quality is embedded throughout
  • Contribute to the creation of a reliable and maintainable automated testing suite to ensure simple, effective analysis of failures and avoid any test case duplication
  • Alter team approach based on standards and regulations in certain industries
  • Coach the client's team and encourage them to adopt a quality mindset
  • Advocate QA expertise to the broader tech community in Thoughtworks, speaking at conferences and acting as a mentor for junior-level QAs

Job qualifications

Technical skills

  • You have worked as a Quality Analyst as part of a wider development team, pairing with Devs, Business Analysts, Infrastructure Engineers, and Designers to embed quality and testing mindsets within different roles
  • You have experience with agile, code management, deployment strategies and release management
  • Familiarity with practices such as TDD, BDD, CI/CD and models such as Test Pyramid and Swiss cheese
  • You are comfortable suggesting changes to both on premise and cloud architectures for enhancing quality
  • You can perform different types of functional and cross-functional testing including performance and security testing across varied architectures
  • You know how to best leverage metrics to improve lead time, deployment frequency, mean time to recovery and change fail rate
  • You can design quality strategies and can produce one for the team
  • Knowledge of user experience and user research including prototyping, personas and AB testing, which can be translated into a test strategy

Professional skills

  • You enjoy influencing teammates and advocating for quality as a shared team responsibility
  • You are passionate about ensuring the correct product is being built, not just that it is being built correctly
  • You work in a communicative and collaborative way
  • You thrive in safe, collaborative environments where different opinions, ideas and perspectives are freely shared

Other things to know

Learning & Development

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Job Details

Country: Thailand
City: Bangkok
Date Posted: 07-19-2024
Industry: Information Technology
Employment Type: Regular

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