Xu Hao

Head of Technology, China

The Interview

I came to find ThoughtWorks by

Martin Fowler. At the time when I started my career, enterprise application was still the holy grail of software development. Unlike nowadays, volumn and scalability was not the number one challenge. Complicated domain logic was. And there was a widely spread story: two guys had a really insightful discussion around domain modeling during the lunch time of a conference. One said to the other, 'You are pretty good. Which company are you working for?' The other guy said, 'ThoughtWorks'. The first one responded, 'Ah, no wonder. You are the colleague of Martin Fowler.'

Well. I believed I was good enough to be the colleague of Martin Fowler. So here I am, been with ThoughtWorks for 10 years.

My geeky passion is

Compiler crafting. Mostly by hand, or the compiler tools I wrote myself. I believe that the mainstreams fail to unveil the power of functional programming language, especially static typed functional language, due to bad language design. I still have a chance to make something great!

With ThoughtWorks, I've visited

Most provinces of China, Singapore, Australia, United State, United Kingdom, Brazil and India.