Joel Parker Henderson

Joel Parker Henderson

Technical Principal

I help organizations create software. I lead clients and teams to improve technology, architecture, collaboration, planning, and outcomes.

Find me: LinkedInTwitterGitHubAngelListHacker NewsStack Overflow.

I create technology code demos including: Elixir & PhoenixSwiftRealm, AlamofireJSON APIJava Spring BootLiquibaseAWS Lambda.

I combine technology and business by using: objectives and key results, key performance indicatorsstrategic balanced scorecardsmaturity modelsvalue stream mappingsground rulesstatements of work, milestonesarchitecture decision recordssystem quality attributesoblique strategies.

I create open source: GitAlias, UpdateCommand, NumCommand, ZidPlanBrewfile

I crowdfund many projects: Kickstarter, IndiegogoPatreon.

My experience includes working with many startups, enterprises, and nonprofit groups. I see great opportunities for machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, neural networks, and blockchain.

I donate to open source foundations: Apache Software Foundation (ASF)Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)Free Software Foundation (FSF)Linux FoundationOpen Source Initiative (OSI)Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC).

I donate to nonprofits: American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)Amnesty InternationalBenetech for Global LiteracyCenter for Environmental Health (CEH)Doctors Without BordersHuman Rights Watch (HRW).