Fernanda Vega


I joined the Thoughtworks Team nearly a year ago and it has been a very rich experience for me. I’ve worked in little consultant services, and I am very happy to get to know this beautiful world with many faces and opportunities.

I am still trying to find what I like in this big world of technology. I try to mix it with my passion for philosophy and people. Everyday at my job, I meet new interesting people that inspire me to build a better self.

I love data and how we apply algorithms to try to understand human behavior and nature. That is something I want to learn deeply in the future.

The Interview

The best advice I can give a current or future ThoughtWorker is

Even though it looks like everybody around you has everything figured out, just remember that one day, they were wondering how to unravel their problems. Ask questions, ask for help when you need it, you are not alone in this journey. Everywhere around you there will be people willing to help with anything.

The thing I'm most proud of from my time here is

I didn’t like mobile development at all, but one of my passions is teaching, so when we organized an event for training women in coding I didn’t hesitate to volunteer as a coach. As it was an event to teach Android, I had to review all the concepts that I didn’t like. I learnt how to develop for android a couple of years ago, so I didn’t realize how much the industry has evolved. I fell in love again with mobile development, and I was able to share all that love and knowledge with the IT community.

One of the most interesting stories I recall from my time at ThoughtWorks was when

With my first team, we were talking about the mindset that someone that performs the QA role should have. Somehow, we ended up talking about showers. What if you forget to wash your hair while in the shower? Our QA said, so everyone went to very different answers but most of us were like, its ok, I will do it tomorrow. But he said he would wash his hair until he is sure that is clean. So I came up with another question, what if you have to take a pill, and you don’t remember if you already took it? Then everyone agreed that we will not take another one because of the risk of overdose. But our QA, said that he would have more than one mechanism to know if he took the pill or not. I suggested as a joke to ask the next QA candidate the same questions. In the end, it became part of the QA interviews he had in the future!