ThoughtWorks today announced the availability of version 15.1 of Go, its open-source, continuous delivery server. Go is used by enterprises worldwide that are adopting a DevOps culture. Go 15.1 includes two new extension points for custom plug-ins. The first enables users to create plug-ins for system notifications and the second enables users to create new integrations with source code management (SCM) systems.

"Adding ways for people to extend Go is incredibly important," says Ken Mugrage, Open Source Program Manager at ThoughtWorks Studios. "Instead of having the core committers focus on a couple of new features, we empower the community to create dozens. We're excited to see the creativity and hard work our users have put into Go. We're truly honored to work with them to shape its future."

As of this morning, users have already created eleven plug-ins using the new extension points. The plug-ins include integrations with Git, GitHub, Slack, Stash, Gerrit and more. A full list can be viewed at here

For subscribers to ThoughtWorks' support services, Go 15.1 includes a new add-on that enables fast recovery from failure. Go 15.1's new business continuity feature is an exciting opportunity for paid members to add a secondary server (with shared artifacts) to their current Go set-ups for additional protection against downtime.


You can download Go 15.1 for free at

To learn more about ThoughtWorks' support services, visit

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