ThoughtWorks has announced selling its internal innovation and incubation product-- JinShuJu to AdMaster, a domestic leading data technique company. Meanwhile, ThoughtWorks will focus more on its major businesses after the sale, to provide services with more excellent capability of design, delivery and consulting to drive innovation faster for clients.

Under the support of ThoughtWorks, JinShuJu has grown into the biggest lightweight online form tool (SaaS) in China within three years since its establishment, with registered users of more than two million. After joining AdMaster, JinShuJu will keep developing and continue their journey of leading the industry, while collaborating with other data products of AdMaster.

Zhang Song, Managing Director of ThoughtWorks China pointed out: “ThoughtWorks has always been proactively devoting itself to the technology, business and service innovation, constantly putting Lean, Agile and Continuous Delivery software development methodologies into daily practices, this could be a major reason of JinShuJu’s successful incubation. Valuable experience learned from the operation of JinShuJu will also lead us the way of cultivating our own products at enterprises level and accelerate the integration process of different product lines, promoting and utilising the existing technology, design and business strengths to deepen our development in vertical industries.

ThoughtWorks will always keep an eye on innovation, help large IT enterprises to raise their work efficiency, optimize the organization structure to maximize their IT investment through global resource collaboration and talents exchange. ThoughtWorks will also be able to customize high-quality software to achieve client’s creative business ideas with the practice of Lean and Agile methodologies, help clients to analyse their business models, create innovative and pragmatic products, build exceptional user experiences through our disruptive thinking and creative ideas.

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