HRBP (Techops)

HRBP (Techops)2021-11-25T21:30:25-05:00<p>You will be responsible for the following:</p> <ul> <li>Orientation: You will be responsible for managing the first 6months of a Thoughtworker hired. You will work with HR Team and MU&nbsp;Head&nbsp;to ensure structured project on-boarding for all Thoughtworkers&nbsp;newly hired.</li> <li>Employee contact and coach: You are a main point of contact for employees within the office. You’ll know all of the consultants and will be an active advocate for their career development. You will listen to them when they need an ear and are the first port of call for many of their concerns.</li> <li>Consultant career and professional development: From group and individual training needs, to conference attendance and leadership development assessment, succession planning and coaching, you will work with the consultants and the business to ensure that our people are developing as consultants and practitioners. This will require you to be a hands-on coach and mentor to our consultants. You take responsibility for making sure that our people have the professional tools to do their jobs effectively.</li> <li>HR Consultant: Working as a business partner to the business leader</li> <li>Loyalty: You are responsible for supporting and delivering an engagement strategy to ensure Thoughtworkers feel be valued and be developed so that they can remain longer.</li> <li>Program Ambassador: You will manage and roll out people programs such as performance, compensation, satisfaction, engagement. This includes synthesizing feedback and collaborating with the people support (centralized services) team to ensure seamless administration.</li> <li>People Planning: You will collaborate with resource management to unite the long- term strategic people planning, employee’s career aspirations, and current people needs.</li> <li>Diversity: You will be a champion for diversity within Thoughtworksand the wider world of technology. You are responsible for creating a positive work environment, on projects and in the office, to support this aim.</li> <li>Project Success: You will spend time with the teams on projects, working with the Project Leaders to manage performance issues, coaching the consultants around becoming better Thoughtworkersand are responsible for ensuring that we have high performing teams. This may include team dynamics work and delivering feedback/conflict resolution training.</li> </ul> <p>You will have the following experience:</p> <ul> <li>3-6 years’ relevant experience in a services/consulting or technology company is preferred.</li> <li>HR generalist with experience of Recruiting, or Coaching, Learning and Development and performance management as the business.</li> <li>Have been responsible for the support and care of a group of at least 80 employees.</li> <li>Comfortable working and in a distributed and changing organization.</li> <li>Have been exposed to an entrepreneurial culture, implementing new ideas and bringing innovative solutions for the business.</li> <li>Have worked in all hands environment. You’re as happy making sure the plants get watered, as you are telling someone they just got promoted.</li> </ul> <p>You will have the following competencies:</p> <ul> <li>Communication: Proactive communicator. Can easily build credibility and trust across a wide range of people. Able to give and receive feedback constructively. Comfortable having difficult discussions.</li> <li>Resilient: Personal and professional resilience. Can accept mistakes and handle conflict. Able and willing to make decisions and not always be right. Stands up for our people, can become unpopular.</li> <li>Strategic: Actions and decisions driven by TW’s values. Looks forward to the future, though able to balance the ideals of tomorrow with the realities of today. Business focused; able to empathize with leaders and win their trust. Able to balance the day-to-day business needs with Thoughtworks’ values and aims around diversity.</li> <li>Team Work: Intuitively collaborative and able to work with all kinds of people. Leads by example. Passionate about getting people to their next level. Inspires and is inspired by the people around them. Spots when others need help. Willing to step in and do what is needed as necessary. Low ego.</li> <li>Ambiguity: Undeterred by ambiguity, uncertainty and lack of resources. Able to hold many different possibilities and conflicting viewpoints in mind and work through to a solution.</li> <li>Understands Global: National: Local: Personal and is able to prioritize as needed. Is the cultural monitor and sense checker of our business. Is the protector of Thoughtworks Envisions what is possible, and then implements a solution.</li> <li>Sense of Urgency. Has a strong desire to bring about positive change in individuals and the team, and works proactively to help people achieve at their highest potential.</li> <li>Able to travel when necessary</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>source code:</p> <p style="color: white;">#LI-CHINA&lt;/p &gt;</p>ThoughtworksWuhanChina