Principal Consultant : Developer

Principal Consultant : Developer2021-11-15T06:01:12-05:00<p>ThoughtWorks is hunting for Principal Technologists who really know how to influence and take total responsibility on client engagements. We are a company that is synonymous with innovation in the delivery of complex software. We are a company that is passionate about collaboration. We help our clients to reduce the risk of their projects failing. We've been at the forefront of innovation around Agile methods for a long time now. Whether it's finding ways to elicit user requirements, introducing story walls, making distributed Agile a reality or introducing the concept of self-managed teams to our clients, we find ways to help technology deliver real business value. Add to this our recognition as innovators in the technical world and you'll start to see why working here is refreshingly different.</p> <p><strong>Our Mission</strong></p> <p>ThoughtWorks' vision is quite simple. To better humanity through software, and help create a more socially and economically just world. We are dedicated to the art of software delivery, by keeping it lightweight, agile and open-source. Our clients are organisations with ambitious missions, where we deliver complex enterprise systems to help them solve their toughest business problems.</p> <p>Your Mission</p> <ul> <li>Directly guide the technical strategy for our clients</li> <li>Build out a new capability within ThoughtWorks - perhaps for Mobile, Big Data or DevOps</li> <li>Explore ways to improve our business relevance for customers</li> <li>Speak at conferences, get published&nbsp;</li> <li>Influence and shape our client portfolio</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>What's your background?</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>You have significant experience (15+ years) and a thorough understanding of different architectures, tools &amp; languages</li> <li>You have had significant exposure in projects involving distributed architectures, labyrinthine codebases and complex business domains&nbsp;in the role of a Technical Architect / Engineering Manager</li> <li>You have worked with Big Data stacks (preferably involving Apache Spark) for at least 1 year or more</li> <li>You have some working knowledge on DevOps and Infrastructure Automation stacks</li> <li>You can guide consulting clients through today's significant technical challenges</li> <li>You have the credibility and gravitas to operate to work closely with our demand team on pre-sales</li> <li>You are capable of coding and beginning an implementation to get a project off the ground</li> <li>You act as an advisor to C-level executives to define and deliver the technical strategy</li> <li>You love coding. Even if your recent roles have taken you away from being as hands-on</li> <li>as you might like, you've no doubt found other ways to keep your coding skills from</li> <li>getting too rusty and we expect that you'll have had exposure to recent technologies</li> <li>You have a rich breadth of experience and are equally comfortable talking about financial projections or business process modelling as you are advocating for TDD</li> <li>You have experience with languages such as Core Java/Java EE/ C#/ Ruby on Rails/Android/iOS/ Python/ Scala / Clojure.</li> <li>You really understand the business context of the challenges that organisations face and</li> <li>distinguish yourself in the way you articulate this with clients to create and deliver robust, scalable, elegant, flexible and relevant software solutions that truly transform industries</li> <li>Leadership is not something you do from far away, you get the importance of taking people with you along the journey and are able to influence and coach those around you to orchestrate team success</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>What you believe</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>That Continuous Development is a tool of business, not just IT teams</li> <li>That lean start-up techniques bring flexibility to the development process</li> <li>That new challenges are coming in the space of disruptive technology such as hardware, social and privacy issues and data</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>The Role</strong></p> <p>There's no typical day or engagement for our Principal Consultants. You might spend a few weeks with a new client or be full-time on a delivery project for 12 months. It's varied and you thrive on these different challenges. Our teams work on a huge variety of projects; you could be helping a retail giant rethink their technology strategy one day and working on an app that reunites families in case of emergencies the .We work sometime on customer site providing a mix of delivery and consulting services, so you'll be flexible about travel, We do everything we can to make life here as easy as possible and do our best to take people's personal situations into account.</p> <p>We employ an autonomous, self-management work culture, with very little hierarchy. This approach encourages people to take ownership and accountability, and to be curious. It requires a "trust first" attitude, which supports a creative mindset and promotes innovation through disruptive thinking.</p>ThoughtworksBangaloreIndia