Principal Consultant:Data Strategist

Principal Consultant:Data Strategist2021-09-22T11:01:46-04:00<p>At Thoughtworks, a Data Strategist is responsible for creating winning data-driven solutions that<br>meet our client’s business and technical objectives. A successful candidate will demonstrate the<br>ability to understand the business side as well as the data side and communicate effectively<br>with different stakeholders - especially the technical stakeholders. A broad understanding of the<br>data landscape, especially Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Analytics and Data<br>Governance is required as is depth in one of those areas.<br>We value collaboration with multiple stakeholders both on the client-side as well as internally.<br>Ability to relate with the client's leaders in data, infra, tech and governance stakeholders is<br>important to this role.<br>Internal aspect of the role includes creation and continuous improvement of Thoughtworks Data<br>Offerings, Value Propositions, Points of View, etc in collaboration with various stakeholders and<br>the industry at large.<br>A leadership mindset is valuable in working with clients to create and drive strategic data<br>initiatives as well as internally to grow the next generation of data leaders.<br>At Thoughtworks, we expect everyone to be curious and constantly learning. This role will be<br>no exception and people who are successful in this role tend to be voracious readers and<br>open-minded listeners in addition to being able to develop and defend their own opinions on a<br>wide range of matters concerning data, business, society and technology.</p>ThoughtworksBangaloreIndia