UI Developer 前端开发工程师(澳洲业务线)

UI Developer 前端开发工程师(澳洲业务线)2021-09-01T03:03:15-04:00<p>In this position, responsibilities may vary in different deliver phases:</p> <p>Pre-delivery phase:</p> <p>* You will work closely with our Experience Designer, in some cases you will be also on client site, helping iteratively build hi-fi prototypes with HTML/CSS plus JQuery (or any other framework you are good at) based on sketches or wireframes created by Experience Designer (you may be also involved into this innovative process);</p> <p>Delivery phase:</p> <p>* You will continue to refine your hi-fi prototype work for iterative user-testing, which you may also be invited to pair with Experience Designer, observe user's behaviors, find out those improvements and modifications;</p> <p>* You will be expected to use your HTML/CSS/JavaScript skills to create a nice and clean UI pattern framework that Application Developers can re-use in the future;</p> <p>* You will be a quality assurance of elegant front-end code, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and also to ensure consistency of the user interface across multiple platforms;</p> <p>* You will sometimes pair with our Application Developers working on one development task (we call it user story);</p> <p>As in ThoughtWorks we encourage people learn more and try different experience, you will be also encouraged to share your brilliant skills and thoughts across the whole ThoughtWorks community globally;</p> <p><strong>Qualifications:</strong></p> <p>Must Haves</p> <p>* Obviously your HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills are must-have;</p> <p>* In-depth understanding of semantic HTML/CSS writing, progressive enhancement, and also CSS box model;</p> <p>* Practical experience of solving inconsistency across multiple platforms, e.g. IE6/7/8, FireFox and Safari on Windows or Mac;</p> <p>* In ThoughtWorks we pair, and you in most cases will pair with other people</p> <p>Nice to Haves</p> <p>* Your good understanding (or maybe just interest) of user interaction design will be beneficial to your career development in ThoughtWorks;</p> <p>* Your may hear about Agile development process, or keywords like: Experience Design, Agile UX, Design Thinking, those will help you quickly get involved into us;</p> <p>* Global UX community is emerging in ThoughtWorks globally, your passion to user-centric design will drive you communicate more with our other UX talents like you in other 20 offices in the world;</p> <p>* If you like share your ideas like Blogging, this will make you very popular in office, as we like people similar to us;</p> <p>* Your English will be not a blocker, but if you speak good English, this will very much help get more chances to work globally and get in touch with our talents in Global UX community;</p> <p>* Visual thinking will be a killer tool, if you like visualizing your idea using whiteboard, you are with us;</p> <p>* ThoughtWorks is a community, if you are not very experienced, we care about your passion to learning, there are a great many of people in this flat organization are happy to help you depending on how much passion they can feel;</p> <p>* Your experience with Mobile Web interface design will be a benefit, as we are getting more clients within this area</p> <p><strong>Interested?</strong></p> <p>If you are interested in taking on an opportunity that offers variety, innovation, and unique challenge every day, then we should talk. We want to hear from you!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>【岗位职责】</p> <ol> <li>你将会在敏捷开发中迭代式的修改和还原高保真原型,以及产品的交互和后端 数据集成;</li> <li>参与设计人员对产品的交互以及用户体验设计,参与业务分析并对产品提出改 进反馈和调整;</li> <li>参与项目的代码规范制定,技术框架的选型;</li> <li>成为项目里前端代码的质量控制者,保证这些代码清晰优雅并能够跨浏览器和平台保持一致性;</li> <li>将会和后端开发人员以及UX一起结对共同交付一个开发任务 (我们叫它用户故事);</li> <li>会和其它开发人员一起共同编写一份业务代码(我们叫它结对编程);</li> <li>ThoughtWorks是一个鼓励学习和尝试新职业体验的组织,我们希望你能够把你的想法和经验传播到我们全球更广泛的社区中。</li> </ol> <p>【必备技能】</p> <ol> <li>扎实的HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT基础知识;</li> <li>对W3C规范,HTML语义化有较深刻的理解,对原生JS有熟练的掌握;</li> <li>对语义化HTML,CSS盒模型,渐进增强,响应式设计等有的深入理解;</li> <li>熟悉并掌握至少一种主流前端框架 (例如: Angular.js、React、Vue; Redux、Ember.js ; RxJS)及开发流程;</li> <li>能够熟练且高标准的还原设计稿以及响应式页面;</li> <li>解决跨浏览器兼容性问题的经验;</li> <li>良好的沟通能力——你需要经常和客户沟通、对话,并且能说服他们,打破这些同行的怪癖和思维定势;</li> <li>一颗好奇心,关注行业资讯,关注主流框架及标准的更新;</li> </ol> <p>【加分技能】</p> <ol> <li>熟悉node.js及主流开发框架 (Express.js;koa.js);</li> <li>SASS/LESS/PostCSS, Babel等代码预处理以及编译工具的使用;</li> <li>前端开发工程化项目实践 (Webpack, BDD/TDD, CI 等);</li> <li>了解移动端开发(react-native; weex);</li> <li>良好的英文听说读写能力。</li> </ol>ThoughtworksXi'anChina